PAX Good Behavior Game

The PAX Good Behavior Game® (PAX is Latin for peace) gives teachers the tools to help prevent behavioral health concerns and promote positive relationships in schools. It is typically targeted to elementary school children in kindergarten through fifth grade.

If your child is in a classroom that has the PAX Good Behavior Game®, you might hear them say new words, such as:

  • PAX (positive classroom behaviors) and
  • Spleems (unwanted classroom behaviors).

Your child’s teacher may also use other PAX strategies. For example, they may use a harmonica to get the attention of the class or provide a reward, called a granny’s wacky prize, for positive behaviors. These strategies are used throughout regular classroom activities. They do not take up additional time of your child’s school day.

Parents interested in PAX can:  

  • Talk with your child’s school: If your child is in a classroom that uses the PAX Good Behavior Game®, talk with your child’s teacher or school about ways you might reinforce PAX behaviors at home.
  • Attend a PAX Tools Workshop: PAX Tools Workshops are for parents and community members to learn about and apply PAX strategies. Any family member interested in learning more can attend these workshops.

For Schools

Teachers and other school staff administer the PAX Good Behavior Game®. They first receive training from a certified trainer in the delivery of universal classroom-based strategies that can easily be integrated into the daily school environment. These strategies can help students manage their behavior, improve student engagement and reduce behavioral difficulties at school.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital has partnered with select elementary schools to deliver the PAX Good Behavior Game®. Elementary schools partnering with Nationwide Children’s Hospital may receive assistance from behavioral health therapists who are trained to serve in the role of a PAX Partner. They provide support for teachers and school administration in effectively delivering the program to students. Behavioral health staff may also work closely with schools to share knowledge of resources and referrals for students who may require additional behavioral health or school support.

Want To Learn More?

Schools interested in learning more or bringing the PAX Good Behavior Game® to their school can contact: