Synagis Program

Almost all babies get respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) sometime – most of them before 2 years old.  For healthy babies it is like getting a cold, but for some infants who are born early or with certain heart and lung conditions RSV can be very serious. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare provides both Synagis and pediatric nursing expertise for children who are at high risk for developing RSV to lessen their chance for getting a serious lung infection. 

Our Synagis team of coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and reimbursement specialists work closely with the hospital and community physicians to provide the best care possible for each child.  Our goal is to help reduce and prevent RSV for high-risk children.

How to Reach Us

If you want to arrange Synagis and Nursing services or have questions, call (614) 355-1100 or 800-466-2727 or email us at

Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm, excluding National holidays. Staff is on call 24/7 to answer any urgent questions, and to address patient and family concerns.

Referral Process

  • Call (614) 355-1100 to request a Synagis Coordinator (Physician orders will still need to be faxed) or

  • Complete the referral form and fax to (614) 355-1111 (Using the referral form also serves as a physician order)

Referral receipt confirmation will be faxed back to the community practice. Once the patient is authorized and scheduled a notice will be faxed to the community practice. The community practice will be notified with any authorization problems.

Ongoing follow up during the season back to the community practice is by request. The community practice will be notified by the home visit nurse if a patient is not compliant with a dose.

Our Leadership

Jill Smrdel

Referral/Service Access & Information Manager

Synagis Coordinators:

Tracy Arms (H-R)

(614) 355-1152

Amiee Olvera (S-Z) 

(614) 355-0531

Nicole Williams (A-G)

(614) 355-1123

Synagis Resources

  1. Synagis Referral Form

  2. Synagis Birthday/Eligibility Guidelines

  3. Synagis Face to Face Fact Sheet

  4. Synagis Face to Face Form
  5. Synagis Prior Authorization Form

Helping Hands

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  3. Hand Hygiene