Synagis Program

Almost all babies get respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) sometime – most of them before 2 years old.  For healthy babies it is like getting a cold, but for some infants who are born early or with certain heart and lung conditions RSV can be very serious. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare provides both Synagis and pediatric nursing expertise for children who are at high risk for developing RSV to lessen their chance for getting a serious lung infection. 

Our Synagis team of coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and reimbursement specialists work closely with the hospital and community physicians to provide the best care possible for each child.  Our goal is to help reduce and prevent RSV for high-risk children. 

Synagis Resources For Families

If Nationwide Children's Homecare is Denied or Unable to Provide Synagis

If Nationwide Children’s Hospital Homecare is unable to provide service for any reason, such as the patient lives out of our service area, Homecare is not contracted as a preferred provider on the patients insurance, the payer does not allow specialty pharmacies to dispense, or the patient is denied for Synagis etc., please refer to Synagis Connect. It is a resource which can potentially provide free drug if Synagis is not covered by insurance. The office can also submit to get Synagis approved and dispensed by the preferred pharmacy to provide injections in the office or locate an external nursing agency to provide the injection.

Resources for Providers  

Providers can access referral information and Synagis resources via the link below. 

Access Referral and Synagis Resources for Providers