The Enema Program

The enema program is used for children who cannot control his or her own bowel movements right now. This is usually related to an anorectal malformation, Hirschsprung disease or a spinal condition. An enema is a safe liquid that can help to clean the stool out of your child’s bowel. The liquid will run through a tube that is inserted in your child’s rectum. The liquid may also run through a Malone or cecostomy, if one is present.

The goal of the enema is to clean the colon or bowel, which then keeps the child clean from accidents and fecal soiling for 24 hours after it is given. The enema is given every day of Bowel Management Bootcamp in the later afternoon or evening. Participants are asked to keep a daily record of how the enema worked. When the right dosage is found, the child will continue to receive the daily enemas so he or she can stay clean and wear normal underwear.

The enema process takes about 1 hour, start to finish, every day. This includes 5 to 10 minutes for the solution to stay in the colon and 45 minutes for the child to sit on the toilet to completely empty the colon.