Time for 10!

Time for Focus, Fitness and Fun 

“The experts at Nationwide Children’s Hospital developed Time For 10! with the health and fitness of Ohio’s children in mind. We’ve accomplished everything we set out to do: make it easy, make it efficient, make it fun—and make it free.” - Karen Kasich, Ohio First Lady.

A collaboration between Nationwide Children's Hospital and Ohio First Lady Karen W. Kasich, Time For 10! is a series of five, ten-minute exercise videos designed for daily use in K-5 classrooms. The program seeks to make guided exercise easy and accessible to Ohio schools, thereby improving students’ health and classroom productivity.

Time For 10! is a simple tool for schools to increase students' physical activity through small increments of exercise, in a way that is manageable and constructive—providing benefits inside and outside the classroom.

The program is available in three options:


Ohio First Lady Karen W. Kasich is committed to encouraging daily physical activity in Ohio classrooms. Nationwide Children’s Hospital shares this commitment and focuses on combatting childhood obesity through the Wellness Promotion aspect of our Strategic Plan.

Core program partners include the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Health.

We would like to extend a special thank you to the students from After-School All-Stars Ohio for their Time For 10! participation.

Time for 10! Videos

Time For 10! presents a series of five videos. The videos are designed for ease of use in any school environment. Each video is themed, but can be mixed and matched and used at any time.

Time for 10! FAQs

Time For 10! offers free exercise videos and resource materials to kindergartners through fifth-graders in classrooms throughout Ohio. Check out some frequently asked questions about the program.

Time for 10! Video Request

If you would like to download the Time For 10! video files, please complete the below form. You will then be provided with instructions on how to retrieve the video files.

Time for 10! Contact

If you have questions about Time For 10!, are interested in becoming a partner or would like to offer feedback on your experience with the program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.