The Pros and Cons of Sports Energy Drinks

There are pros and cons to any sports drink. Some athletes like sports drinks because the sports drink provides energy and prevents dehydration. However, these sports drinks may also contain a lot of calories and sugar. Only drink a sports drink if you are going to be participating in a sport for a long time - over an hour. You should not drink these casually if you're not working out.

Video Transcript


Jessica Buschmann: So there are many pros and cons to sports drinks, including they provide energy and they prevent dehydration. However, they also have a lot of calories and a lot of sugar.

You should use sports drinks if you're participating in sports greater than 60 minutes in duration. Do not use Gatorade or Powerade or other sports drinks, for instance, if your sports last shorter than 60 minutes and also just to carry around school with you on a daily basis. They have a lot of calories and a lot of sugar and instead you should be focusing your attention on water.

So, if you are going to be drinking a sports drink for optimal sports performance, turn the label over and you want to look for 6% to 7% carbohydrate per serving.

Energy drink should never be used for hydration purposes under any circumstance.




They do have a lot of ingredients in them that claim to give you energy. However, if you're feeling properly for your sport and needing a well balance sports nutrition diet, then you won't need the pick-me-up that these energy drinks claim to give you.