Sugary Drinks

Sugar-sweetened beverages add extra calories and sugar into a child's diet while raising the risk of cavities and dental damage. A child who consumes one can of regular soda needs to walk 45 minutes just to burn it off.Limit sugar-sweetened beverages. Waters, low-fat milks, pure juices and diet sodas are all healthier alternatives to sugar-sweetened drinks. Nationwide Children's Hospital promotes the well-being of families, patients and staff members. in 2011, Nationwide Children's joined just a handful of other healthcare institutions by eliminating all sugar-sweetened drinks from its campus.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Today we're going to talk about sugary beverages, it's one of the biggest problems that we have in terms of extra calorie intake. We were talking about sugary drinks, we measure it usually in teaspoon for visuals, these visuals are already in in tube for us, so we're going to take a look at a couple of them. This represents the five pound bag of sugar, just to give you a little perspective, this tube here is a 20 ounce soft drink. This is how much sugar is actually in the 20 ounce soft drink that's one of the bottle, versus what we're looking at here, a 16 ounce energy drink. A lot of the energy drink comes in 16 ounces sizes, versus the amount that's in a lot of our sports drinks. There's a lot of calories in those sports drinks so we really want to advocate not grabbing those because of the sugar content, of most of the time you just need water. Again you have to be very careful how much sugar is in the drink. If we have a juice and cake, we only want to limit it to one a day in about four ounces. Water is the main source, we certainly want to advocate skim milk or fat free milk, as well as one percent milk. Sugar is one of those things that we don't use it as calories that stored as fat, so sugar is a significant source of weight gain.