Strength Training

When working out, it's important to have a few great go-to strength exercises you can use to challenge yourself at any fitness level. In this Motivation Minute, Nationwide Children's Exercise Specialist Jody Decker shows you a great strength exercise you can do at the gym or at home.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Today I'm here to talk about strength exercises and your goal of performing at least two strength routines twice a week. Today Darcy's going to demonstrate a wall slide with a bicep curl. Using the ball, the ball's behind her low back, her shoulder blades are pulled down and in, elbows to her sides and then she sits back into her squat position with her weight into her heels, she's curling the weights up. She's going down to 90 degrees, and then as she pushes up, she's pressing her body way up through her heels, knees tracking right over the ankles, squeezing her glutes as she comes up. At home if don't have an exercise ball or the weights you can do the same exercise against the wall or even your refrigerator, sliding up and down and still giving the lower body benefits. When we do our exercises we're trying to go until muscle fatigue are failure, that's the point where we feel a big muscle burn and we just feel that we can't do another rep, anywhere from 10 - 20 reps somewhere in that range.