Put a Healthy Plate Together

For a healthy meal, it's important that the plate is filled with proper portions of the right food. This includes starch, protein, and fruits and vegetables. A healthy plate should have a certain amount of each of these foods.

Video Transcript


Speaker: The ‘My Plate' idea's very significant idea to get across in the teaching of how to watch your weight, how to put a plate together, how to make some simple things work very effectively for you. If we draw a plate, and I'm going to divide it. A quarter of your plate should be the protein or meat that you're eating, a quarter of your plate should have a starch of some type of it. Now what is starch? Starch would be things like our pastas, it could also be bread, or crackers, potatoes, rice. Now interestingly enough a lot of people don't know it's also corn, and peas. Half of your plate, I would love for you to get to use to having fruit and vegetables, half of your plate fruits and vegetables, what does that mean? It means we either have two vegetables on our plate or one fruit plus one vegetable this is fine. But fruits and vegetables add a fibre component that's very important, it helps to slow digestion and keeps us fuller longer. You can start doing this, this is going to be an amazing effect for your families.