Proper Pushups

In this Motivation Minute, Nationwide Children's Exercise Specialist Jody Decker shares a great tip to keep you on track with your fitness goals. Plus, find out how to do a proper pushup... benefiting so much more than just your arm strength.

Video Transcript


Jody Decker: Today's tip is to keep an exercise journal. Actually, log your activity aiming for at least three days a week of cardiovascular exercise, 30 continuous minutes or more; twice a week for strength; and one day of flexibility training or yoga class.

Today's exercise is a push-up. Fred and Darcy are going to demonstrate first a modified push-up on the knees, keeping a nice long spine, shoulders to hips are on one long line, back is flat, inhaling if they slowly lower down, exhaling as they push away, body moving as one unit.

This can also be performed upright against the wall or a little bit more challenging taking it on the toes with the bodies fully extended. Anytime you do strength work, you want to avoid doing the same muscle group two days in a row.

So if you love doing push-ups, you can do them every other day but you really won't want to do on two days on a row. We're focusing on chest, triceps and you're getting a lot of core work when you perform push-ups.



Fred, can you have a clap?