Keeping a Food Log

Keeping a daily food journal can help keep you on track towards your fitness and weight loss goals by helping you stay mindful of when and how much you're eating. Regularly reviewing your food log can help you make better choices. Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Do you eat out too often? Do you grab the wrong snacks? Learn the benefits of keeping a food log in this Motivation Minute segment.

Video Transcript


Speaker: I'm here today to talk about keeping a food log, and by keeping the food log can help you maintain, or lose weight. You can start by finding a note book or if you prefer you can also use an electronic device. Write down your food items as you eat them, that's most ideal, or at the end of the day write down everything. Be specific as possible, instead of just writing turkey sandwich, spell out exactly what you were eating, you had whole wheat bread, you had three ounces of turkey breast. It's really important to record both the time as well as the place where you're eating the food. By logging the time that you're eating, you'll also be more aware of your patterns and when you eat throughout the day, and if you're writing the place where you're eating you may notice that some weeks you're dining out more often than you're eating at home. And always go back and analyse your food journal, are you including a variety of foods? How often did you eat out throughout the week at different restaurants? And last but not the least, remember to be positive, remember to celebrate your successes that'll keep you on track and keep you going.