How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

Lunch is an important part of a child's everyday diet and it's important for a child to eat a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch should include foods from at least three different food groups.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Today we're going to talk about putting together and packing healthy lunches. It's really very important that we put together three different food groups at least when we're putting our lunch together you want to include some kind of protein it's great to have some kind of dairy product included if it all possible, as well as including fruits and vegetables and whole grain or the lean proteins that we're looking for as well. Couple of examples, the first one here are our lean protein as a chicken sandwich, if you have left over chicken, chicken would be a possibility, or turkey sandwiches, or some kind of a lean ham product. We have our glass of milk or certainly your carton of milk at school that the kids can buy and purchase. Here we have an apple and we have our raw carrots. We have options here that are non-sandwich related, and this middle one has peanut butter on it and crackers. Example next to us here has peanut butter and jelly, our dairy source here our cheese stick, kids love cheese sticks. The protein here is nuts or the peanut butter that you're using. These are three really good options all very healthy, all of these traces and options that we have here includes at least three different food groups, some of them four and it's really important to have a dairy source whenever you have a lunch.