Eating Proper Portion Sizes

Understanding proper portion sizes help ensure that appropriate amounts of the recommended food groups are consumed daily. Taking in too much food results in consuming more calories than the body needs. Learn what the proper portion sizes for different foods should be in this Motivation Minute segment.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Portion control is extremely important to make sure that we're getting the appropriate portion size from each of the recommended food groups, for instance a serving of meat, we could use the palm of our hands or a deck of cards. This is going to help us better understand to keep our portion sizes to about a three ounce serving of our meat. Again we want to make sure we're choosing those lean meats which could be things like our chicken, or turkey, or a fish products. We always want to make sure we remove the skin. Next when we think about serving sizes for our fruit, we could use a tennis ball for comparison, it's generally going to be about a half cup serving size so when you think about apples we want to make sure we're choosing the apples in the bag versus those large display apples. Finally when we think about serving size of our carbohydrates or our grain type foods we're going to use the baseball, we could also use our fist to help compare it to a part of our body. This is going to be about a one cup serving size, so when we think about our potatoes, or things like rice, or noodles, or cereals it's going to be about that one cup serving in size.