Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast supplies the body with energy and helps jumpstart metabolism - which helps the body use and burn calories effectively during the day.In general, it's important for a healthy breakfast to incorporate a protein and a carbohydrate. This video discusses some healthy breakfast options to help start the day.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. First, you just spent 8 -10 hours without eating, your body needs nourishment, you're dehydrated, your blood sugar's low and you need some energy. Eating breakfast helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. People who skip breakfast tend to snack or graze more, and usually snack an unhealthy, high calorie foods to get quick energy. People who eat breakfast have lower LDL cholesterols and better insulin response to eating, which may help lower your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. The quality of your breakfast is most important. Start your day with a balance of carbohydrates and protein so you'll feel fuller longer. But if you're like most people, breakfast needs to be fast and easy, maybe start with some whole grain cereal or oatmeal with skim or one percent milk and some fruit. A yogurt parfait is a great way to start your day.


Scrambled eggs whole wheat toast and fruit is also a great way if you have a little bit more time. Breakfast may not hold you all morning especially if you have five or six hours to work, so a mid-morning snack may also keep you energized for your day.