Be A Superman

Learn how to be more powerful than a locomotive. Nationwide Children's exercise specialist Jody Decker will talk you through superman exercises, sure to tone up your core and strengthen your lower back.

Video Transcript


Speaker: Today our exercise is a Superman, I'm going to start off with one of the modifications, we're strengthening core and lutes. Resting forehead on top of the hands, Starcy's going to start with just an upper body lift, we don't need to lift very far, two or three inches off the mat is enough, we don't want to create a lot of hyper extension for the spine. She's exhaling as she lifts up, inhaling on the way down and to progress or make it a little more challenging she can engage or tighten her glutes, and then add the legs. If she needs to take this one step further making it even more challenging, she can extend her arms out in front of her, making it into full superman. Notice that her gaze stays towards the mat, does keeps her harden neck a neutral with the rest of her spine. The more you can vary or mix up your workout, the quicker you're going to meet your fitness skills.


More variety is key, and again this is a strength exercise so it could be performed every other day, and at the end of the exercise, once she's feeling a little fatigue, she can push back in the child's pose, bringing her hips all the way down to her heels and stretching her back out in the other direction breathing and holding air for 20 -30 seconds.