Urology Procedures

Anti-Urinary Reflux Surgery

In many children with reflux, the urine tubes meet up with the bladder with minimal muscle support. Thus pee goes back up the urine tubes to the kidney when the bladder squeezes to go pee. Anti-urinary reflux surgery helps stop this backward flow.


Ileovesicostomy helps urine (pee) drain from the bladder into a bag or pouch attached to the belly, without a catheter.

Mitrofanoff Procedure (Appendicovesicostomy)

The Mitrofanoff procedure creates a new tube on a child’s belly through which a child can urinate by using a catheter. The new tube is made from the appendix.


The pyeloplasty operation removes a blockage that is keeping urine from reaching the bladder. In most cases, pyeloplasty physically cuts out a blocked part of the tube for urine.

Nephrectomy, Total and Partial

Nephrectomy is the word for removal of the kidney. There are three possible ways that a total or partial nephrectomy may be done.


An ureteroureterostomy is a surgery done to help the kidney drain urine down to the bladder. This operation is sometimes done in children who have what is called a “duplex kidney.”

Bladder Outlet Surgery

Bladder outlet surgery aims to stop urine from leaking from the bladder into the underwear or a diaper. Bladder neck reconstruction and sling procedures are usually done at the same time to stop urinary incontinence.