Urology Research and Innovation

Rama Jayanthi

A Successful Alternative to Traditional Open Ureteral Reimplantation

The minimally invasive vesicoscopic ureteral reimplantation approach can equal the open success rates, and patients experience less pain and scarring.

Seth Alpert, MD

A Successful, Office-based Approach to Cicatrix After Circumcision

The combination of two commonly used treatments may ultimately have better outcomes than either treatment alone.

Daryl J. McLeod, MD, and John David Spencer, MD

Urology/Nephrology Combined Clinic Offers Benefits for Patients, Physicians and Researchers

A highly specialized clinic provides efficient care for patients with rare or complicated urinary tract conditions and offers patients, clinicians and researchers a win-win-win scenario.

Molly Fuchs, MD

A High Risk of Urological Diagnosis in Anorectal Malformations

A recent presentation underscores the importance of consulting urologists in the earliest stages of care.

Could Antimicrobial Peptides Be Biomarkers for Obstructive Uropathy?

New research reveals the expression of antimicrobial peptides — long associated only with infections — in children with obstructive uropathy, creating potential for a wide range of clinical applications.

Can Ultrasound or MRI Help Monitor Dysgenetic Gonads for Tumors?

Dysplastic gonads that have neoplasms are often deemed “normal” in imaging studies.