Therapeutic Taping

Therapeutic Taping is often used as an adjunct to rehabilitation. There are many different types of tape that can be used for a variety of different reasons. Overall, the techniques implemented by a rehabilitative specialist are used to promote healing of tissue that has previously been injured.

Forms and Purpose

The purpose of the tape can fall into one of two categories:

  1. The first being physiological, which can influence change with pain perception, swelling control or simply giving the patient cueing to self correct a body position.
  2. The other is mechanical, meaning the tape is applied to provide modification to faulty movement patterns. These improper movement patterns could have caused the injury or do not allow the injured tissue to heal properly.

Some forms of therapeutic taping include Kinesio Tape, Dynamic Tape, Rocktape, Leukotape, and athletic tape.

Is Therapeutic Taping Right for Me?

Not all patients require the use of therapeutic tape, and your rehabilitative specialist can determine if it is appropriate for you.

Therapeutic tape is used to aid with the healing process, not as a cure for any condition. It should be combined with other interventions of care to see optimal results and should eventually be weaned once realistic goals are obtained. Most therapeutic tape is latex free; however, some are not, and this should be taken into consideration prior to its use.

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