Recreation and Wellness Program for 6-8th graders

Being a preteen can be tough. Life’s changing at a fast pace. Relationships can be awkward. But we’re here to help empower your preteen or teenager to take charge of their overall health.

Empower is a six-week program open to all adolescents grades 6-8. It takes place right after school two times a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 3:15 – 4:45 p.m., at the Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. The program costs $120 per six week session.

Each week is filled with activities to help your middle schooler navigate changes in the world, from staying active and coping with stress, to dealing with complicated relationships and fostering healthy relationships. Activities range from social games, group and team challenges, safe supported discussions, community outings, scavenger hunts, swimming and more.


Working Out
Find out why exercise is so good for you – and how to pick something you actually like. We’ll also give tips on fitting exercise into your already packed schedule.

Stay Stress Free
Learn healthy ways to cope when you feel stressed, anxious or sad. Most importantly, find easy ways you can talk with parents and friends.

It’s Complicated: Dealing with Friends and Family
See how relationships impact your life…and learn how to tell when you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

Make a Change
Help make a difference in your community by volunteering. And figure out how to get started.

The World Around Us
There’s a big world out there. Learn about all the pieces and parts that make it up – and become aware of how you fit into it.

There’s No App for That
“Back in my day, we couldn’t text or get on the internet on our phones”. How many times have your parents said that? See all the things you can do once you put your phone down, because YOLO (You only live once.)

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