Hospice Services

At birth, a child is surrounded by love, comfort and family. Children’s Hospice believes a dying child also deserves the same. Our mission is to make sure that no child dies alone, afraid or in pain. Each day of their life should be filled with fun and love. Furthermore, no family should have to go through this experience alone, and afraid.

We hope the questions and answers below will help you and your family.

What makes Children’s Hospice special?

Children’s Hospice team recognizes the special needs of children. A child with a life-limiting illness needs to live their shortened life doing as many “normal” kid things as possible. Our team is very special because it is the only hospice just for kids in central Ohio. All the members of hospice team are specially trained to care for children with life-limiting illnesses. Together, we can decide what will provide the most comfort and the highest quality of life for hospice children.

What services does Children’s Hospice offer?

Children’s hospice works in a comprehensive manner to address the physical, developmental, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual needs of the child and family. Other services such as therapy, nutrition or psychological counseling are available as needed. Typical services include pain and symptom management, psychosocial support, spiritual care, nursing visits, medical supplies, volunteer support and a bereavement program.

Who is eligible for Children’s Hospice?

Hospice cares for any child with life-limiting illness. To be eligible a child must have a responsible caregiver and a life expectancy of less than six months.

How does a health care provider refer a child to Hospice services?

If a health care provider feels hospice services may be appropriate for a child in their practice, they should call hospice and discuss the child’s situation with a team member.

When a child enters hospice is their doctor or nurse still involved in managing their care?

Yes. The hospice team works in collaboration with the child’s doctor or nurse. They keep in close contact with the child’s doctor or nurse to extend the services of the child’s health care providers in promoting the child’s quality of life.

What does Hospice cost?

Children with life-limiting illnesses and their families receive Hospice services regardless of their ability to pay. Hospice is fully covered by Medicaid, and most insurance policies. Regardless of coverage, all eligible children can receive Children’s Hospice services.

Does enrolling in Hospice mean the child can never come back to the hospital?

No. The goal of hospice team is for the family to feel comfortable in caring for their child. If a child was at home and the parents became uncomfortable with the situation, the choice to bring the child to Children’s Hospital would always be an option.

Does enrolling in Children’s Hospice mean you are giving up hope for the child?

No. Hospice provides a promise to help children and families make the change from hope for cure, to hope for comfort, support and quality of life.

When is hospice available?

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week there is a hospice team member available to take your call or visit your home. Whether you are calling with an emergency, a question, a referral or for someone to talk to there is always a hospice team member available.

Where can I find out more about Children’s Hospice?

For more information, call (614) 722-3556 or (800) 466-2727.