Support Services

The diagnosis of cancer or a life-threatening blood disorder affects the entire family, so Nationwide Children's focuses on caring for the entire family. By focusing on “family-centered care,” the Hematology/Oncology Institute team cares about the family’s needs as well as the child’s. It also means that families play a vital role in their child’s care.

We know that your family may need additional support during this time. Use the links below to access resources to help your family. 

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Behavior Issues

Families of children who have had treatment for cancer have already been through a lot of stress. We know that your family may need additional support during this time.

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Hair Loss

One of the most common side effects of cancer chemotherapy is hair loss.

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Hospice Services

Together, we can decide what will provide the most comfort and the highest quality of life for hospice children.

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Survivorship Care

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, survivorship care is broken into three specific clinics tailored for children with different survivorship needs.

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Art Therapy

Our Art Therapist is part of a multidisciplinary, psychosocial team that works together to help patients and their families cope with hospitalization and provide support throughout the treatment journey.

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Pain Management

Our goal at Nationwide Children's Hospital is to make your child as comfortable as possible.