Bowel Management Bootcamp

The Bowel Management Bootcamp is a seven-day outpatient program for children dealing with the inability to control when stool needs to stay inside or leave the body. This is called fecal incontinence, soiling, or an ‘accident.’ Most patients that enter the Bowel Management Bootcamp experience incontinence issues related to:

  • Previously repaired anorectal malformations or Hirschsprung disease
  • Spinal or sacral disorders that affect the bowel (spina bifida, myelomeningocele, absent sacrum, sacrococcygeal teratoma)
  • Motility disorders and those with severe constipation (encopresis)

Patients and families will end the week equipped with:

  • An understanding of how continence works
  • Information on why some children soil
  • A customized, and proven, treatment plan for each child

The Bowel Management Bootcamp is a custom set of treatments designed to keep your child free from stool accidents, so that he or she may be able to wear normal underwear and participate in normal activities. The Bowel Management Team will work together to decide the best treatment for your child. This treatment will depend on the type of bowel problem your child has. There are two main treatments used during Bowel Management Bootcamp:

For children with both mechanical and medical bowel problems, treatment may be based on the speed with which your child’s bowel moves. For patients in either program, the bowel may move too slow or too fast. When the bowels move too slow, it is called hypomotility. When they move too fast, it is called hypermotility. Both of these can cause your child to have problems with toilet training. Often, elements of both the Enema and the Medicine program are combined for the best results.

Tips For Success

The success of this program depends on everyone working together. There has to be a partnership between the family, the child and the healthcare team. Successful bowel management will results in a complete life change for our patients and their families, and our team is dedicated to helping your child achieve this success.

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