Nationwide Children's News Releases

Jan 01, 0001

4-Year Study Finds No Correlation Between Head Impacts and Cognitive Outcomes in Youth Tackle Football Players

Dr. Sean Rose and colleagues collaborated with MORE Foundation, the Complex Concussion Clinic at Nationwide Children's, and other researchers to prospectively follow youth tackle football players in real time across four seasons, which can account for confounding factors. The study, recently published in JAMA Network Open, was conducted from July 2016 through January 2020, and enrolled players from four football teams. A total of 70 male players, 9-12 years of age, who were in 5th and 6th grade, volunteered to participate, with 18 completing all four years of the study.

Jan 01, 0001

A Single-Dose Cancer Immunotherapy via Gene Transfer

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital report proof-of-principle results for a new gene therapy cancer treatment. The off-the-shelf, single-dose immunotherapy serves as an alternative to CAR-T therapy and can be engineered to be on-demand.