Plan an Event

Thank you for your interest in planning a special event. The work of Nationwide Children’s Hospital would not be possible without your support.

Are you ready to get started?  Before you raise funds for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, you must receive approval to do so.  Below are three easy steps to obtain approval, as well as some helpful hints to make your event a success!

  1. We appreciate you thinking of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and want your event to be a success! Nationwide Children’s is a strong, positive staple in our community. Your adherence to the Special Event Guidelines is required and we encourage you to refer to them during your planning process.
  2. After reviewing the event guidelines, please complete the Special Event Application online or download the application and submit it by fax, e-mail or mail. We will contact you within one week upon receipt of this application to discuss your event and the approval process.

    Below are the contacts to email your Special Event Application:


  3. Time will fly and your event will come before you know it! While you’re celebrating your event’s success, make sure to remember to submit the donation to our office within 30 days. Timeliness is encouraged and may affect approval of future events submitted by your organization.

Also, please share your story with us. You can submit your event success online. Your success story might be highlighted in an upcoming newsletter or on our website!

Complete the Special Event Application Online
Click here to get started
Download the Special Event Application
Download our application and email to one of the contacts above

Planning Tips from our Event Experts

The More the Merrier
Planning an event takes a lot of work – so share the responsibility with a planning committee.  Make sure to define clear duties for each committee member and hold meetings throughout the planning process to ensure everyone stays on track.

Setting the Bar
Establish realistic, challenging and measurable goals for attendance and money raised.  Write those goals down and refer to them often.

Who’s Coming?
The key to a successful grassroots fundraising event is to involve the people you know.  There are too many events in town for you to depend upon strangers wanting to attend, so plan with your friends in mind.  What kind of event will draw your friends and acquaintances?  Where would they like to hold an event?  How much will they be willing to pay to attend?  What theme or special element will set your event apart from others you and your friends have attended?

Before It’s Too Late
Time is of the essence. Create a timeline of due dates for each committee member and be sure to plan extra time for last minute hiccups.

Nickels and Dimes
Create a detailed budget of expenses and income.  Investigate expenses thoroughly and get estimates in writing.  Use your personal contacts to generate income.  Big businesses in town receive requests to help with events every day.  Instead, put together a list of personal contacts and ask their business for help.  Check actual spending and income throughout the process.

Promote!  Promote!  Promote!
Generate interest and excitement about your event with flyers, e-mails, and advertisements.  Don’t forget, the best advertisement is word of mouth.  Tell everyone you know, phone your friends, talk to your grocery cashier, invite your insurance agent!  But remember, any use of the hospital logo or name must be approved by the Foundation before materials are printed and distributed.

A Simple Thank You
After the event, follow up on all outstanding promises, collecting all monies, and forwarding your donation to the Foundation. Then make sure to take some time to say thank you to all who participated including the volunteers, attendees and sponsors

Nationwide Children's Hospital is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. (EIN: 31-1036370).