Women's Auxiliary Council

Nationwide Children’s Hospital fundraising volunteers are among the most enthusiastic, successful and dedicated. Since the hospital’s inception in 1892, the diverse groups of women who make up Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Women’s Auxiliaries have been at the forefront of this dynamic volunteer force.

The Women’s Auxiliary Council Board of Trustees is comprised of five active members of each auxiliary which includes Kinder Key, Butterfly Guild, TWIG and Women’s Board. The Women’s Auxiliary Council Executive Committee is elected officers to serve as Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary, and Membership Chair. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

Women’s Auxiliary Council Mission Statement
The Women’s Auxiliary Council (“WAC”) of Nationwide Children’s Hospital shall support the work of the women’s auxiliaries of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation through advocacy, coordination of member auxiliary activities, public awareness, technical assistance, and training.  

Kinder Key

Kinder Key serves as an auxiliary of Nationwide Children’s Hospital and is dedicated to providing new hope for young hearts through their support of The Heart Center at Nationwide Children’s. Since their inception in 1954, Kinder Key has demonstrated their commitment by raising over $3 million toward the hospital’s mission of providing the highest quality health care to all children regardless of their ability to pay.

Butterfly Guild

Butterfly Guild, an organization of women committed to raising funds for Nationwide Children’s Hospital, traces its roots to the hospital’s beginnings. Butterfly Guild has raised over $4 million to aid in the mission at Nationwide Children’s. In recent years, our contribution has gone to support the Hospice and Palliative Care Program. We are committed and honored to support this effort, and these families, during a time of great need.


Together With Important Goals

TWIG is groups of women throughout central Ohio who support Nationwide Children’s Hospital through a wide variety of fundraising projects. TWIG groups operate independently, as well as participate in larger projects as a whole organization. Since their inception, they have raised more than $30 million to support patient care, education and research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Women’s Board

The Women’s Board of Nationwide Children's Hospital was part of the original vision of the hospital when it was founded in 1892. Members of the Women’s Board serve on the Memorial Tournament Volunteer Committee, volunteer at the Nationwide Children's Hospital Championship and host various fundraising efforts throughout the year. For more than 120 years, the Women’s Board has been serving the hospital and raising funds to support the hospital’s mission of providing outstanding healthcare to call children, no matter what their family’s financial situation.