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Diversity and Inclusion | A Look Inside our Residency Program

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Trainee Diversity

At Nationwide Children’s Hospital, we strengthen our strategic plan with the best people and best programs to achieve the best outcomes. We are deeply committed to the intentional recruitment and retention of a diverse group of residents, fellows and faculty that reflects our patient population and community. We recognize and embrace the crucial role diverse staff play in addressing social determinants of health, quality, patient safety, genomic medicine, behavioral health and population health. They are the foundation of our vision of best outcomes in everything we do and in delivering the best health care for children.

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In this brochure, we share our enthusiasm and deep commitment to recruitment of a diverse group of residents, fellows and faculty. ›

Meet Some of Our Trainees


Albert A. Phillips II, DO

“What I love most about the program is the family culture. Everyone is always willing to help each other out.”

Nichole Anderez

Nichole Anderez, DO

“The program, particularly the people, create the most supportive and inclusive environment for us to train as physicians. The senior residents lead with patience, the attendings prioritize resident autonomy, and the administration values having a diverse workforce and recognizes the importance increasing representation in medicine. I feel safe here, not only to push myself, learn, and make mistakes, but to be myself.”

Claudia Mosquera Vasquez

Claudia Mosquera-Vasquez, MD

"I come from a very big Venezuelan family, and we are currently living all over the world! It is a challenge to communicate with them but that’s how I entertain myself between pages during night shift – catching up with them and filling my family in on the exciting work I am doing!"

Kaia Amoah

Kaia Amoah, MD

“I love the camaraderie among my co-residents and the support from the attendings. Most importantly, Nationwide Children’s and the residency program practice what they preach when it comes to resident wellness. There is a visible effort to support residents and show them they are valued.”

Zach Pazner

Zach Pazner, DO

"As someone who identifies in the LGBTQ+ community, I was looking for a fellowship program where I would be supported in my passions for LGBTQ+ advocacy and medical education. Nationwide Children's has provided me with so much support in pursuit of these interests throughout my fellowship program. The people at Nationwide Children's are incredible and welcoming. I feel safe being myself and pursuing my passion to become the pediatric emergency medicine physician I want to be."

Patrice Collins

Patrice Collins, MD

"What I really like most about the residency program here is the community and supportiveness of my co-residents, interns and faculty. Knowing that everyone is trying to help each other out is very comforting. I’ve found that you can find people you can connect with and experience life with outside of the hospital."

Stand Against Racism graphic

Stand Against Racism. Stand For Health Equality.

In the same way that Nationwide Children's cares for the “whole” child – physical health, behavioral health, social and economic wellbeing – we want to address racism and inequity holistically. This is an institution-wide, coordinated plan to address racism in its many aspects.