Moonlighting Timesheet

Reminder: Please complete and submit this timesheet for moonlighting shifts in PICU, OSU NICU, Primary Care Yellow Clinic only. For shifts in ED, Lewis Center, C4A, C4C and H8, please report your hours directly to the department.

NOTICE: This timesheet must be submitted within 24 hours of completing your shift to ensure that the moonlighting pay will appear on your next paycheck.
24 Hour Shift
For 24 hour shifts, choose other and fill in specific start and end dates and times below.
If other hours selected, please use this space to explain why the standard shifts or times do not apply. Please include the location worked, the start time and end time of your moonlighting shift, and the reason(s) why these hours apply:

By clicking "Submit" below, you are electronically signing that you agree to the below statement.

I attest that I have already worked in this location as a moonlighting resident, during these hours. If this timesheet is not submitted within 24 hours of completing my moonlighting shift, I understand that moonlighting pay may be delayed until after my next paycheck.