ISP Programs

As Albert Einstein noted, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” Indeed, worldwide over 10 million children die annually from totally preventable causes (UNICEF statistic). Only by working together to share expertise and resources can we make significant inroads into this human tragedy.

International exchange programs provide unique learning and teaching opportunities for faculty, staff and trainees. Most importantly, education is the universal language and methodology for continuous quality improvement. Nationwide Children’s Hospital collaborates closely with The Ohio State University on multiple education, research and administrative levels. Visit their Office of International Affairs and Office of Global Health Education.

Here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, you, the international scholar, matter. This means that we not only care about the children in our neighborhoods, but the children in yours as well. We offer several different avenues to our front door in order to share information and culture. Our outreach programs- The Stecker International Scholars Program, the Independently Funded Scholars Program, and the Rotary International Pediatric Interventional Radiology Mini-Fellowship – are all ways for medical and nursing professionals to receive post-doc training. We invite you to explore our website and see what we have to offer.

Our Programs

Stecker International Scholars Program - A highly competitive scholarship funded observation program

Independently Funded Program - Similar to the Stecker program, but offers more flexibility in both length of stay and scheduling of the visit

Rotary International Interventional Radiology Fellowship - This program allows visitors to participate in a 2-week educational experience in the Department of Radiology.

Not sure which program best suits you?