Project ECHO Frequently Asked Questions


What is the hub and spoke model?

The ECHO model breaks down the walls between specialty and primary care. It links expert specialist teams at an academic or hospital based “hub team” (specialists in the areas of child psychiatry, psychology, pharmacy and social work) with primary care clinicians in local communities - the “spokes” of the model. Together, all participate in regularly scheduled ECHO sessions combined with mentoring and patient case presentations.

What is case-based learning?

The ECHO model uses primarily case-based learning. Participants present de-identified cases from their own practice where there is a question of diagnosis or a question about management of symptoms. Participants and hub specialists discuss the cases, ask clarifying questions, and provide recommendations. You will receive a copy of the case presentation form to use as a guide when presenting. All participants are encouraged to present at least one case during the series.

How are sessions structured?

  1. Each session begins with introductions and announcements.
  2. A case presentation (submitted and presented by Spokes) is then followed by clarifying questions and recommendations from all ECHO participants.
  3. Each session will provide a didactic by one of the Hub team members (see session outline for topics).
  4. Final thoughts and questions wrap up each session. 

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Participation FAQs

How much does it cost to join?

ECHO is fully supported by Nationwide Children's Hospital and is free for participants.

What do I need to participate?

All you need is a computer and a web cam or a smartphone. ECHO at Nationwide Children's uses an internet-based video technology called Zoom. Participants can easily connect (via a link that will be provided) to the video sessions through their phone, tablet, laptop or a computer with a webcam.

Can I earn CME/CEU credits?

Project ECHO at Nationwide Children's provides credit to participants who complete an ECHO series.

What are the participation benefits?

Connect with health care professionals to develop a supportive community of practice that fosters knowledge exchange and the dissemination of best practices.

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Referral FAQs

How do I make a patient referral?

To refer a patient, please call our Physician Direct Connect line at (614) 355-0221 or 1 (877) 355-0221. Physician Direct Connect is a 24-hour physician/provider consult-transfer center, managed by experienced RNs who can assist in caring for your patients by being a single point of contact for numerous requests. Project ECHO logo

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