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Posted by: Christy Lumpkins on Jul 05, 2022

For many parents, pregnancy is a joyous time filled with excitement and anticipation. For some, pregnancy can be overshadowed by painful or scary past experiences that can affect the parents-to-be and their relationship with their baby.

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adult and child looking at an iPad.

Healthy Digital Boundaries for Kids

Mar 22, 2022

The foundation for online safety is creating healthy digital boundaries — what a young person is comfortable doing, seeing, and feeling while using technology and how they would like to be treated by others. Read More

girl siting on a couch, looking at her phone and wearing ear buds.

TikTok Challenges: Crossing Consent and Relationship Boundaries

Feb 10, 2022

It’s hard to ignore TikTok’s impact on teen culture. But despite its popularity, many adults have questions about TikTok, including its safety, security and influence on teen identity and relationships. Read More

Portable space heater

Using Portable Space Heaters: Keeping Safe & Warm

Dec 07, 2021

When temperatures drop outside, some families turn to space heaters to warm up their home. While space heaters can be an easy way to heat rooms, they should be used with caution.   Read More

babysitter reading to a child.

What Teens Need to Know About Being a Safe Babysitter

Oct 07, 2021

Being a babysitter can be really fun for a teenager. However, caring for children also comes with a lot of responsibility. There are many things you can do to make sure you are a safe babysitter. Read More

one adult comforting another adult while sitting on a couch.

5 Ways to Support Protective Parents

Oct 04, 2021

A protective parent is a caregiver who does not use violence and seeks to reduce harm for children exposed to family violence. Supporting a protective parent can help decrease isolation and increase safety for the family. Read More

teen wearing headphone and looking at a phone in his hands.

Digital Stalking in Relationships: How Adults Can Support Teens

Aug 24, 2021

Compared with 2019, the average time US teens spent on social media apps almost doubled in 2020, across all major platforms. Teens find that their “real” and digital lives are merged, including romantic relationships. Read More

teenager wearing a zipped hooded sweatshirt, leaning his head against a brick wall.

How Compounding Trauma Affects Youth

Aug 05, 2021

Young people are experiencing trauma in different ways, from peer to peer violence and pressures to witnessing ongoing community violence and racial injustice. Read More

Father comforting daughter in distress

Starting the Conversation About Big Feelings

Apr 06, 2021

It’s important to work with your child on emotions throughout their entire childhood, including the teen years. This means taking the time to have ongoing conversations about how to handle emotions in a healthy way, which is called “coping.” Read More