School Reintegration Program

The Rehab School teacher is provided through Columbus City Schools. The teacher provides onsite educational services for students enrolled in kindergarden through 12th grade. The Early Childhood Development Program services children from birth through 5 years of age.

The teacher will:

Meet with parents to:

  • Discuss the child/adolescent’s prior school history
  • Obtain consent for permission to contact child/adolescent’s school
  • Review the Inpatient Rehabilitation’s School Reintegration Process

Contact child/adolescent’s school and special education district representative to:

  • Obtain pre-admission level of functioning
  • Obtain copy of child/adolescent’s standardized test results
  • Identify programs/services offered through school district
  • Review the Inpatient Rehabilitation’s School Reintegration Process

Provide ongoing academic intervention to:

  • The child/adolescent, no matter what the recovery or developmental level

Provide ongoing education to:

  • Empower parents regarding the school integration process and educational rights

Plan a school reintegration discharge conference to:

  • Discuss medical, physical, social, cognitive and behavioral needs of the child/adolescent at discharge
  • Determine next step in school reintegration process

The rehab school teacher follows the Columbus City School Academic Calendar schedule.

Your Child's Educational Rights

Our team is committed to working together with each child, family and school district. Our goal is to help ensure that every child receives appropriate classroom placement and supportive services within the school environment.

In the event that you have questions or concerns about your child’s educational program, you are urged to first contact the appropriate personnel at your local school district. These individuals may include your child’s teacher or principal, followed by the person in charge of special education.

Other organizations that may be helpful in resolving a complaint are:

  • Brain Injury Association of Ohio: 1 (800) 444-6443;
  • Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities: 1 (800) 617-6733;
  • Disability Rights Ohio: 1 (800) 282-9181;
  • The Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities: 1 (740) 382-5452;

In addition, inquiries or complaints about the public education of a child with a disability may be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education:

School Age (5-21 years old)
Division of Special Education
Assistant Director
Procedural Safeguards & Support Services
25 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43215-4183
(614) 466-2650

Early Learning and School Readiness
Division of Early Childhood Education
25 S. Front St.
Columbus, OH 43215-4183
(614) 466-0224