Pediatric Radiography Board

The Columbus Pediatric Radiography Board is designed to assist imaging professionals in acquiring high quality, reproducible images in pediatric patients less than 3-4 years of age. This easy-to-use product will increase technologist satisfaction as they are able to position the pediatric patient effortlessly while producing high quality radiographic images every time.

The Columbus Board provides the following benefits:

  • increases the technologist efficiency and patient throughput
  • enables the technologist to position the patient once for multiple views
  • the x-ray tube and cassette/imaging plate moves around the patient
  • enables a more efficient exam producing higher quality films
  • more comfortable and visually appealing to patients and their families

A parent gently holds a child in a designated position with the Columbus Board, actively communicating with him or her to help relieve anxiety during an examination. This system increases parental presence by allowing a parent to be an active part of the healthcare team and process.

"The consistent, positive parent response that we see with the use of the Columbus Board underscores the fact that customer service goes beyond simply 'service' in pediatric health care and clearly is an issue of exceptional patient and family care," said William E. Shiels, D.O. "The innovative team of technologists at Nationwide Children’s Hospital identified a pediatric health care problem, created a solution and accepted a national leadership role in improving care for children."

The Columbus Board is priced at $510 (includes shipping costs) and may be ordered through the contact information below:

Stephanie Cannon
Marketing and PR
Nationwide Children's Hospital
700 Children’s Drive
Columbus, OH 43205-2696
Phone: (614)355-0485