Imaging Research Office

Welcome to Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s (NCH) Imaging Research and Innovation Office (IRO) in the Department of Radiology. Our mission is “Improving children’s lives through innovative imaging.”

The IRO provides the hospital’s physicians and scientists with advanced imaging capabilities in support of their clinical needs and research projects. Through the IRO’s Pediatric Advanced Imaging Resource (PAIR), we provide a centralized service for data processing and image analysis. Additionally, through the 3D Printing Laboratory, the IRO provide state-of-the-art capability to create subject-specific digital and physical models of the anatomy for pre-procedural planning and patient education.

Additionally, the IRO aims to improve existing workflow in image data acquisition and post-processing within the department for our radiologists. Furthermore, the IRO actively seeks collaboration with investigators around the United States and internationally to translate innovative imaging technology into clinical practice to benefit pediatric care. Our key focus is in the methodological development and validation of disease-specific quantitative imaging biomarkers and abbreviated imaging protocols that facilitate free-breathing and reduced sedation in our pediatric patients.

Pediatric Advanced Imaging Resource

As an arm of the Imaging and Innovation Research office, the Pediatric Advanced Imaging Resource serves as a centralized service for image analysis using both FDA-approved and research-specific software packages is provided by skilled analysts.

Available Equipment

The Department of Radiology, located on the ground floor of the hospital’s main building, uses several different kinds of equipment.

3D Printing Lab

The 3D Printing Lab provides personalized diagnostic and treatment solutions for clinicians and patients in a convenient and collaborative in-house setting. The lab uses a variety of imaging data sources to create patient-specific models of any internal anatomy or device that may be used in pre-surgical evaluation or simulation to determine the best management approach.

Children’s Imaging Biomarker Alliance (CIBA)

The Children’s Imaging Biomarker Alliance (CIBA) aims to develop, validate, and integrate imaging biomarkers specific to pediatric disease across all pediatric specialties in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.