Children’s Imaging Biomarker Alliance (CIBA)

The Children’s Imaging Biomarker Alliance (CIBA) was born with the following goals:

  • Develop and validate imaging biomarkers specific to pediatric disease
  • Determine quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of validated biomarkers
  • Integrate imaging biomarkers across the basic/translational /clinical spectrum
  • Integrate pediatric imaging research across departments, imaging modalities and populations.

Collaboration is Key

It takes a concerted effort by large groups of well-resourced people in hospitals, universities and industries across the world to make strides in this area. We have started this process, aided by willing partners from OSU, other universities and industry, and supported by federal funding agencies. Anyone with a strong interest in the imaging of pediatric disease is a potential partner, regardless of background or affiliation. Our program aims to break down artificial barriers related to modality, discipline, or institution, integrate biomarkers across the basic-translational-clinical spectrum, and unite scientists with a focus on the same tissue or organ, all from a pediatric perspective. 
Clinical Imaging Research Portfolio:

A visit to the radiology department has become an integral part of a hospital visit for patients and families. Radiology is a critical ally to the pediatric caregiver as well as researchers who depend on radiologic data to diagnose, prognosticate and monitor disease, and follow-up after treatment. In keeping with the core service concept of radiology as a discipline, our portfolio of research studies undertaken by our clinical faculty illustrates our extensive network of collaborations with faculty at NCH as well as with academic and industry partners focused on various properties of tissue specific imaging biomarkers. Over the next 3 years, there will be a focus on improving patient experience and healthcare outcomes related to imaging, with a focus on the value of imaging, and imaging related quality and safety.

Clinical Imaging Research Resources

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of the nation's largest children’s hospitals, bringing together an elite cadre of clinicians, investigators and educators in one of the world's top medical schools, OSU College of Medicine. NCH provides an unparalleled clinical and basic science environment with a collaborative culture. There are a wealth of resources dedicated to fostering research, innovation, and collaboration. The resources are outlined in a separate attachment on institutional resources.
A critical component of the research engine at NCH is the Pediatric Advanced Imaging Resource (PAIR). An overview of its core clinical and research function and capabilities is provided in the document on ‘Institutional resources for imaging research’. 

Faculty development

The career development of clinical faculty occurs via a comprehensive program designed and executed by departmental and hospital leadership based on their focus on clinical programs, research, administration, and/or education. From a research standpoint, they are recognized for grant funding, peer reviewed publications and scientific presentations at the major radiology meetings including the Society for Pediatric Radiology and Radiological Society of North America. There are numerous departmental and institutional resources for promoting research careers amongst clinical faculty.