Pre-Surgery Instructions

A nurse will call you the day before your child’s surgery at the Main Campus Surgery Center to obtain your child’s current health status, and take a health history, and to discuss the following:

  1. Arrival Instructions
    You will be instructed as to when to arrive. The nurse will discuss how long you should plan to stay.
  2. Eating and Drinking Restrictions
    Food, milk, candy, formula and gum must NOT be eaten after midnight on the day of surgery. Clear liquids may be given up to three hours before the scheduled surgery time. Clear liquids include water, Pedialyte®, clear apple juice and Sprite®. Breast milk for infants under 12 months of age may be given up to four hours before the scheduled surgery.
  3. What to Wear
    Children should wear loose, comfortable clothing. Remove all jewelry, body piercings, and nail polish. Bring a box or case to keep contacts and removable orthodontic appliances during surgery.
  4. What to Bring
    Bring a favorite pacifier, toy, blanket or other comfort object. If your child has a favorite, bring an empty bottle or sippy cup. Older children enjoy having music or a handheld game system. Adults (age 18 and over) should bring copies of advance directives, if they have them.
  5. Visitation
    Only two adults may visit in the pre-op and post-op areas. We do not allow siblings, due to limited space. Please make other arrangements for the care of siblings.
  6. Transportation Arrangements
    Adults, age 18 or over, who are scheduled for surgery must arrange for a designated driver to take them home after the procedure.
  7. Who to Call
    If you have not received a message by 3 p.m. on the day before your child’s scheduled surgery date, please call the Nationwide Children’s Main Campus Surgery Center at (614) 722-2920.