Our Programs

Our expertise spans from fetal diagnosis and therapies across the spectrum of newborn conditions to essential long-term follow-up.

Our team of rigorously trained neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses, staff nurses and other health-care specialists provide around-the-clock treatment for newborns, using the most up-to-the-minute medical therapies and technologies.

Key Programs

Neonatology Patient

Comprehensive Center for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

With a dedicated inpatient unit and outpatient follow-up service, the Comprehensive Center for Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia addresses the medical, nutritional, developmental and social needs of each patient. Our unique approach provides the most advanced, comprehensive BPD care while improving outcomes.

Pregnant Woman Receiving Fetal Echo

The Fetal Center

The Fetal Center offers advanced diagnostic, treatment and recovery options for families facing complex birth defects. We are devoted to improving neonatal outcomes for most fetal complications while supporting you along the way.

NICU Baby in Isolette

Infant Feeding Disorders Program

The Infant Feeding Disorders Program works to prevent, predict, diagnose and treat feeding-related disorders for infants. Dedicated to improving outcomes, our expert team focuses on personalized, feeding management strategies based on the latest clinical and transitional research.

Neonatal Intensive & Intermediate Care

Each year more than 4,400 babies receive the highest level of care in Nationwide Children's Newborn Intensive and Special Care Units.

Jumping Toddler

NICU Follow-up Programs

After leaving the NICU, your baby can be at high risk for developmental problems. The NICU Follow-up Program identifies and treats developmental needs early, ensuring the correct medical services and family support are in place to make a lasting difference.

Perinatal / Neonatal Outreach Program

For over 27 years, the Perinatal / Neonatal Outreach Program has partnered with local health care providers to provide educational programs and other related services to ensure the best quality care for their newborn population, before and after their birth.

Med Pros

Small Baby Program

Our Small Baby Program is dedicated to the care of babies born at less than 27 weeks. We provide an interdisciplinary approach to family-centered care, allowing extremely premature babies to not only survive, but to reach their milestones.

Monarch 1 Helicopter


Our Transport Program provides 24-hour pediatric and neonatal critical-care transport services for patients both near and far. Our specially trained team ensures the safe, fast transport of critically ill patients via mobile ICU, helicopter and jet aircraft.

Services and Treatments

Neonatology Early Intervention

In the NICU setting, our Early Intervention staff provide information about community programs, provide developmentally appropriate infant stimulation, and play when medically stable.

Neonatal Therapeutic Hypothermia

Therapeutic hypothermia is a clinical treatment that involves moderately reducing a patient’s body temperature in order to slow disease progression and to improve health.