Neonatal Intensive & Intermediate Care

Each year more than 4,400 babies receive the highest level of care in Nationwide Children's Newborn Intensive and Special Care Units. As one of the largest neonatal centers in the nation, we dedicate ourselves not only to treating but ultimately preventing all complications of prematurity, including Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) and neurodevelopmental abnormalities. This extraordinary number of patients allows us to provide the highest level of experience and translate that expertise into programs that addresses fetal diagnosis and therapies, across the spectrum of newborn conditions, to essential long-term follow-up care.

Some of these programs include our newly developed Comprehensive Center FOR BPD, which provides inpatient, outpatient and telemedicine treatment for babies across the country, as well as our Infant Feeding Disorders program which works hand-in-hand with Children’s Center for Perinatal Research – one of the eleven Centers of Emphasis at Nationwide Children's Research Institute (CCRI).

It’s the combination of all of these things, with the dedication and commitment of our teams and families, that allows us to provide babies with cutting edge interventions, exceptional care and in turn, remarkable outcomes.

Our Facilities

Already one of the largest newborn networks in the country, Nationwide Children's is leading the country in the design and development of newborn intensive care units with the design of our newest NICU.