Liver Transplant Program

The Liver Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has long offered some of the nation’s best care to children with a wide range of liver conditions. We are proud to now offer full-spectrum care for children requiring liver transplants.

With the new Liver Transplant Program, patient families can avoid the stress of traveling and getting to know a new care team for a transplant. Instead, they can rely on leading-edge liver care and transplant services without leaving Nationwide Children’s.

The Liver Transplant team prides itself on devoting extensive attention and resources to each and every child requiring transplant-related services. At Nationwide Children’s, you and your child will truly be the focus of our entire group of specialists.

Our team also works hard to foster excellent relationships with referring providers. This enables primary care doctors or local liver specialists to remain informed and engaged in your child’s specialty care for the duration of their treatment here.

An Expert Team

The Liver Transplant team at Nationwide Children’s includes some of the top pediatric liver and transplant specialists recruited from across the nation. Our surgeons boast decades of combined experience performing pediatric and adult liver transplants at some of the country’s leading transplant programs.

After an intensive and strategic search for the best physicians and surgeons, we are proud to introduce our team:

A World of Resources

In addition to all of the funding, expertise and technology resources of one of the nation’s largest children’s hospitals, the Liver Transplant Program at Nationwide Children’s benefits from the support of the Liver Center’s extensive team of board-certified pediatric hepatologists and liver transplant specialists.

To further support our liver physicians, we collaborate with a hand-picked team of other pediatric subspecialists from the following disciplines:

  • Liver pathology
  • Infectious disease
  • Radiology
  • Intensive care
  • Anesthesia

A Bright Future

The Liver Transplant team is proud to be part of an academic hospital where researchers continually make basic science and clinical inroads in a variety of pediatric liver diseases. Our clinician-researchers and scientists in The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s conduct world-class studies investigating causes and treatment options for liver-related conditions.

As the Liver Transplant Program grows, our physicians’ focus remains on creating a positive patient experience for every child who requires our services, from evaluation and diagnosis through transplant and long-term follow up.

Contact our team for an evaluation or to discuss our liver transplant capabilities.