Technology Development

Technology and applications development is an essential component of the IGM vision. We evaluate emerging, cutting-edge methods and instrumentation that improve upon current methods for data production and analysis. In particular, we focus on improving sample throughput, increasing quality and consistency, reducing costs, and facilitating short turnaround times then transitioning these advances to our clinical laboratory and genomics services groups. The group maintains relationships with various molecular biology and genomics instrumentation vendors evaluating new approaches as beta or pre-release testers.  

The group’s expertise pre-dates NGS instrumentation, and group members were early access evaluators during the emergence of NGS including: 454 pyrosequencing, ABI SOLiD platform, and the Solexa GA. Based on our previous experiences, our paradigm is to evaluate/develop instrumentation and methodologies for the transition of NGS excellence into the IGM Clinical Laboratory and provide state-of-the-art data generation to our collaborative researchers.

Areas of Focus:

  • State of the art genomics

  • Protocol development (non CLIA)

  • Clinical assay development (CLIA)

  • Clinical transition and validation