Diabetes Calculator for Kids

Everything matters when it comes to your child's care. That’s why Nationwide Children's has developed an online resource for managing your child's diabetes. Our goal is to empower families to successfully manage diabetes at home in order to provide as normal a life as possible for patients with diabetes.

Managing your child’s diabetes requires the proper balance between insulin dose, food and activity on a daily basis. It is important to keep your child’s blood sugars within a target range at all times. This online resource will enable you to calculate the insulin dosage given to your child prior to eating.

The Diabetes Calculator for Kids is an electronic tool that calculates rapid acting insulin bolus dosage in 5 easy steps. Each chart is customized based on the child's personal input and information that is generally provided by a doctor or diabetes educator.

Please consult your physician with any questions related to your individual diabetes management plan.

Diabetes Calculator For Kids

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