Excimer Laser Therapy

Excimer Laser Therapy is a laser beam that uses ultraviolet B (UVB) light to treat the affected areas of skin.Any area of the body can be treated, including the scalp.

This treatment is highly effective, safe and painless. The excimer laser treats only the affected areas of skin as opposed to a Phototherapy unit which treats all exposed skin. Treatment time is typically less than 10-15 minutes.

Who Can Benefit from Excimer Laser Therapy?

Excimer laser therapy is mainly used for patients with:

How Often Does it Take Place?

Effective treatment with the excimer laser typically requires two office visits per week for a few months. The health care provider will determine how many sessions you need.

How Do I Get a Referral?

  • If you are not already an existing patient of the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Dermatology clinic, contact your primary care provider to get a referral to discuss treatment options.
  • If you are already an established patient, call the clinic to schedule an appointment with your provider to see if this service is an option for your child.

All treatments take place at the Dermatology Clinic on the 3rd floor of the Outpatient Care Center on main campus. This service is not offered at our off-site locations.

This treatment is covered by most major insurance companies, but please call your health insurance provider to determine your specific plan coverage.