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These articles provide helpful information, tips and advice regarding nutrition, physical activity and healthy choices.

How to Help Your Kids Beat the Heat

Heat stroke is ranked third in cause of death of U.S. high school athletes behind head and neck injuries and cardiac conditions. This becomes an even greater concern in younger athletes.

Promoting Youth Fitness

Youth fitness has steadily declined over the past decade and childhood obesity is at an all time high. Here are some ideas to help empower the kids to make good activity choices.

Strength Training with a Limited Budget

There are some simple ways to perform light strength training at home with everyday objects that can be used for resistance.

Sensible Snacking for Children

Snacking is a very important part of growing children’s diets. Snacks help to prevent hunger in between meals as well as provide daily requirements for energy, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Swelling: The Body's Reaction to Injury

Swelling is a normal reaction of the body to an injury. Sometimes, though, the body goes overboard, and the inflammatory response is excessive and can actually begin to cause more damage than good.

Kid's Sports Injuries: The Numbers are Impressive

 Approximately three million youth are seen in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries and another five million youth are seen by their primary care physician or a sports medicine clinic for injuries.

The Sprains and Strains of Sporting Injuries

Sprains and strains are some of the most common types of injuries in any sport. They involve the stretching or tearing of tissue.


Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

These are just a few small changes or substitutions that can help you keep those lurking holiday pounds away. Check out a few examples of some substitutions to keep in mind when baking those holiday treats.

Tips for a Healthier Halloween Night

Halloween doesn’t mean handing out sweets full of empty calories! Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up all of the treats. Check out some tips on how to enjoy a healthier Halloween night.

Weighing the Risks of Obesity

As school districts continue to reduce the amount of physical education children receive, we as parents have to step in and educate our children about not only the importance of exercise but how and when to do it.

What is an Athletic Trainer? - They are Part of the Sports Medicine Team

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) are the some of the most comprehensively prepared allied medical professionals, trained to deal with the injuries of these young athletes.

Why Does My Knee Hurt?

One thing that all of these causes of anterior knee pain have in common is that they are usually overuse injuries and can be treated and prevented without surgery.

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