Travel Awards

Awards of up to $1,500 are available to trainees for travel, within the United States, to a conference or meeting to present original research.

There are three annual award cycles. The number of grants awarded will depend on the number of meritorious applications submitted as well as available funds. 

Applications are due on the third Monday in:

To request funding before conferences/meetings taking place between:


January 1 and April 30


May 1 and August 31


September 1 and December 31

To apply, submit all meeting information (name, date, location and affiliated professional or scientific society), an abstract, a brief statement describing your contributions to the work that will be presented and a description of the value of the meeting to your training experience to the submission form

All awardees must commit to present their work as a Poster of the Month at Nationwide Children’s. Additionally, proof of acceptance of the abstract will be required before funds may be released.

Please email the OTA with any questions.