Patron Level

The Patron Level under the Annual Giving Circle honors individual donors whose annual gifts total $500 to $999. The generosity of these donors helps us fulfill our mission to provide family-centered healthcare because when your child needs a hospital, everything matters. Annual Giving Giving Circle Patron Level NCH

Membership Benefits:*

  • Official Nationwide Children’s Hospital Foundation publications

  • Invitation to attend the Patron Level Celebration at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

  • Donor welcome packet from the President of the Foundation

* Member benefits will be for the remainder of the year the gift was made, as well as the next calendar year.

Meet our Patron Level Donors

*Donor records current as of March 2018. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Addington
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Adkins
Mr. Syed N. Ahmed
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Ailabouni
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Albert, Jr.
Mr. Pedro Aleman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Allenbach
Mrs. Wilda A. Allinder
Ms. Iker Yahir Alvarado Flores
Mr. Dave Amerine
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas T. Anderson
Ms. Pamela A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ankony
Mr. Mehdi Araghi and Ms. Elahm Khaksarfard
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Arlin
Dr. Debra L. and Mr. David M. Armbruster
Mr. and Ms. Francisco Arredondo
Mr. Angelo Artale and Mrs. Amy Nguyen
Mrs. Sudha Arulalan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Attenberger
Mr. Nuh Aydin
Mrs. Rebecca J. Ayers
Mr. David W. Babner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Bacome
Mr. and Mrs. Hicham Badawi
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Badley
Mrs. Jolene M. Bahler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Baird, III
Mr. Jeremi W. Bakner
Ms. Shelley Balser
Dr. and Mrs. Surinder K. Bansal
Ms. Jennifer D. Banta
Mr. James Baran
Mr. Richard P. Barchent, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bartholomew
Drs. Thomas and Veronique Christine Bartman
Mrs. Eleanor L. Barton
Ms. Valerie Barton
Mr. Garrett D. Bates
Ms. Loretta C. Bates
Mr. James L. Battersby
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. John Bauman
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin P. Baumgardner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Baus
Mr. and Mrs. Tony R. Bavry
Mr. and Mrs. John Bayer
Ms. Jessica Beacom
Mr. Thomas Beaty
Ms. Patricia L. Beavers
Ms. Sharon K. Bechtel
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Bart L. Beckman
Mr. Jacob T. Beckman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Beckwith, II
Dr. and Mrs. Allan C. Beebe
Ms. Shannon Beitel
Mr. Matthew Bell
Mr. Vladimir Belo and Ms. Betsie Missler
Ms. Tonnia Beloat
Mrs. Marian K. Bender
Mr. Jack Bennett
Mr. Arthur Benson
Ms. Brandy Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Anson Berry
Mr. and Mrs. J. James Besenti
Mrs. Andrea Biada
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Bibler
Ms. Amber Bidwell
Mr. John K. Bidwell
Mr. Douglas M. Biecker
Mr. Kishore K. Billakanti
Mr. James P. Birukow
Ms. Megan Blackburn
Ms. Shirley J. Blair
Mr. Pascual Blanco
Ms. Donna Block
Mr. Brad Bloomfield
Mr. Ilan Bluman
Mr. Alex Boehnke
Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Boekley
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Boggs
Ms. Rhonda Boley
Ms. Sandra Boost
Mr. Thomas Borders
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Borst
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bosco
Ms. Elizabeth Bourque
Mr. William A. Bowman
Ms. Delsie Boyd
Mrs. Julie Braatz
Ms. Jennifer Bradley
Ms. Lisa D. Bradshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Adam K. Brandt
Ms. Susan M. Braskett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Breuer
Mrs. Andrea L. Britcher
Mr. Todd Britz
Mr. Timothy C. Broadhead
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Brombacher
Ms. Tasha Brooks
Mr. Zachary Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Warren P. Brose
Mr. and Mrs. F. Ken Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brown
Mr. David Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Brown
Ms. Nancy J. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun P. Brown
Ms. Lynn Bruce
Mrs. Elizabeth A. Buck
Mr. Donald I. Budnick
Ms. Deborah L. Buehler
Mr. William L. Buenzle
Mr. Mark D. Bumb
Mr. Mark Bunton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Burke
Ms. Angela Burton
Mr. Donald Burton, Jr. and Ms. Kimberly Wolman
Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Buskirk
Mr. and Mrs. George Washington Byers, III
Mr. David Caines
Mrs. Christine Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Calvert
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Campbell
Mr. Mark D. Campbell
Mr. Glenn E. Camus
Mr. James Carlen
Ms. Elizabeth Carmean
Ms. Wendy Carper
Mr. William J. Carr
Mr. Bradford C. Carrier
Ms. Ashley Carstens
Ms. Lisa A. Cartt
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan S. Carvalho
Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Casciano
Mr. Alex Cash
Mr. Jerad Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Cattano
Mr. Joseph C. Cavarretta
Ms. Lynda Chapman
Ms. Rene Chase
Mr. Yarbrough C. Cheely, Jr.
Dr. Christina B. Ching
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Chisholm
Ms. Melissa Chorey
Mrs. Julie M. Choueiki
Ms. Michelle Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Christie
Mr. Charles J. Ciaravino
Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Clark
Ms. Karen N. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Clarridge
Mr. Bob Clawson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Click
Mr. Brian Cline
Ms. Sheryl E. Clinger
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey C. Clouse
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Clouse
Mr. Chris Cockerham
Mr. Matthew Cockerill
Mr. Ed Cole
Ms. Holly Cole
Ms. Jeanne Cole
Ms. Suzanne M. Colwell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Combs
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Cones
Ms. Myra A. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Connolly
Ms. Meghan Conrad
Mr. and Mrs. Andreas N. Constantinides
Ms. Desiree Cook
Mrs. Kathleen J. Cook
Ms. Amy L. Cooke
Mrs. Brittany Corbitt
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Corbitt
Ms. Karen Corcoran
Ms. Karen Cordle
Mr. Dominic Corso
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin T. Cory
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Cosby
Ms. Kim Cosiano
Ms. Christine Coyne
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Crawford
Ms. Emily Crock
Mrs. Erin A. Crosby
Ms. Jill L. Crumbacher
Ms. Linda G. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Preston A. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Cuprisin
Mr. Eugene R. Dahnke
Ms. Angela L. Dally
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Damico
Mr. Joe D'Andrea
Mrs. Susan S. Daniels
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Davidson
Mr. Charles Tschantz and Ms. A. Kim Davis
Mr. and Mrs. James Davis
Mrs. Katherine F. Davis
Mr. Randall H. Davis
Mrs. Rose Ann Davis
Mrs. Samantha Davis
Ms. Sherry M. Davis
Mr. Spencer L. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Davis
Mr. Norman R. Day
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Deans
Mr. and Mrs. Chester J. DeBellis
Mr. Blake DeCrane
Ms. Lori L. Deen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DeFinis
Mr. and Mrs. Chad M. Delligatti
Ms. Amy Denlinger
Mr. Paul Denoon
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dernberger
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Dettorre
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Deutschendorf, Jr.
Mr. Phillip Devore
Mr. Patrick L. DeWitz
Mr. James P. Digan
Mr. Joseph Digeronimo
Mr. Guy Dille
Mr. and Mrs. Todd M. Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Dimpfl
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dixon
Mr. Lawrence Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Steve G. Donato
Ms. Lea Dooley
Mr. Zach Doran
Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Dornisch
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Doyle
Mr. Mark Dumm
Ms. Laura Dungan
Ms. Terri L. Dunlap
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Dunn, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. David Durell
Mr. Michael J. Dwyer
Ms. Tiffany Dykstra
Ms. Jessica Dyszel
Mrs. Sarah R. Eagleson
Mrs. Margaret Early
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Earnest
Ms. Elizabeth S. Eastham
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Ecker
Mr. Jason C. Eddy
Mr. Garrett Edmister
Mr. Steve Ehret
Mr. Mark Eidelman
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Elder
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Emmelhainz
Mr. Tony E. English
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Erler
Mr. and Mrs. John Eshelman
Mr. Jonathan B. Estes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Fairs
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Fallon
Mr. Kent P. Farrington
Ms. Margaret Fauth
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Fawcett
Mr. John Fedak
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Feeney
Mr. Chadd Feldkamp
Pat Felumlee
Mr. John Ferguson
Ms. Meg Ferillo
Ms. Kathy Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. David  W. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Fisher
Dr. Jill A. Fitch
Mr. Jon Fitzgerald and Mrs. Di Reynolds
Mr. Donavan Butt and Mrs. Sara Fitzgerald-Butt
Dr. Catherine M. Flaitz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Fletcher
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Flory
Ms. Phyllis J. Flowers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Foley
Ms. Anita C. Fouch
Ms. Amy Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Fox
Mr. Jonathan Frailey
Mrs. Megan Francis-Ogden and Mr. Mark Ogden
Mr. and Mrs. Eric K. Frazier
Mrs. Shannon Frazier
Mr. Tim Freed
Ms. Sandra Freer
Mr. David M. Fuhrman
Mr. Luther E. Funderburk
Mrs. Connie Funk
Ms. Tamra Fuscaldo
Mr. F. Leslie Futrell and Mrs. Theresa S. James-Futrell
Mrs. Patricia J. Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Gallo
Mrs. Chris A. Garbrandt
Ms. Kelli J. Gargasz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garvin
Dr. Sandra L. Gaunt
Mr. Richard W. Gentil
Mr. Matthew George
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Gerboth
Mrs. Brandy Gibbs
Ms. Cynthia N. Gifford
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Gilchrist
Ms. Connie Haynes Giles
Mrs. Jamie V. Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Darren H. Glanz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Glanzman
Dr. and Mrs. Sean P. Gleeson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Glunt
Mr. and Charles J. Gohs
Mr. Eric M. Gohs
Ms. Amanda P. Goldbeck
Mr. Gary D. Goodan
Ms. Maria Goodwill
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Gora
Mrs. Heather Gortz
Mr. Robert T. Graf
Mrs. Laura C. Gran
Ms. Janice A. Granecki
Mr. Richard P. Granger
Mr. and Mrs. Alex J. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Gary F. Greegor
Mr. Christopher Green
Ms. JoAnne L. Greene
Mr. Tom Gregoire
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Gregory
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Greiner
Mr. Jim Griese
Mr. and Mrs. Archie M. Griffin
Ms. Martha Griffin
Ms. Dianne Grote Adams
Ms. Kathryn A. Grover
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Habegger
Mr. Richard C. Haber
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hall
Drs. Mark W. Hall and Cynthia M. Holland-Hall
Mr. David Hammelman
Mr. Todd Hampton
Mrs. Elaine A. Hanawalt
Ms. Judith A. Hanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Hanosek
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle F. Hanson
Ms. Lori Hanson
Dr. Abigail Harding and Mr. David Goldberger
Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Harness
Mr. Jerry S. Harper
Ms. Paula A. Harrington
Dr. Melissa Harrold
Mr. Fred Hart
Mr. Steven J. Hartzell
Mrs. Denise V. Harwood
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hasbrouck
Ms. Janet L. Haslar
Mr. and Mrs. W. Henry Hauser, Jr.
Ms. Christen Hawthorne
Ms. Rachel Hayden
Mrs. Sharon M. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hayes
Ms. Darla Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. William Heckel
Ms. Kusum K. Hegde
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson W. Heinrichs
Dr. and Mrs. John W. Heinz
Ms. Katherine C. Hemleben
Mr. Alan Henderson
Ms. Sandra Henderson
Mrs. Linda Hennessey
Ms. Ann Henry
Ms. Jennifer Hensley
Dr. and Mrs. Milan B. Herceg
Ms. Daphne M. Hermiller
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Heron
Ms. Andrea C. Herrmann
Mr. Mark S. Hess
Mr. Ronald Hibbard
Mr. William M. Hickel, III
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Hickman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Hicks
Mrs. Peg Higginbotham
Mr. David L. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Hilvert
Elizabeth A. Hingsbergen, M.D.
Ms. Elisabeth Hire and Mr. Christopher Hayler
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hirth
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hite
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hixon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hoaglin
Mr. Patrick D. Hodous
Mr. Peter Hoeft
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hoffman
Ms. Michelle Holden
Mr. Eric Holloway
Mr. Eric Holm
George and Ann Holzapfel
Ms. Emily Homan
Mr. John L. Hondulas
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hook
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey T. Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Verlin L. Horn
Mr. Tom Horner
Mr. Kevin Hosty
Ms. Holly Houlette Tybor
Mr. Michael A. Howard
Mr. Paul Howard
Mr. Garrett Humphrey
Mr. Steve Humphrey
Ms. Ann O. Hunger
Mr. David Hunt
Ms. Phyllis L. Hupp
Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. Hyde
Ms. Vilma Hylton
Mrs. Melissa A. Indest
Mr. Sean Ingham
Mr. Dave Inks
Mr. Dan Irish
Mr. Jacob Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson
Ms. Kimberley Jacobs
Mr. Gregory P. Jacobson
Mr. Thomas J. James
Dr. Jason Jankowski
Ms. Beth Jarvis
Mr. and Mrs. Andy W. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Johnson
Mr. Monte Johnson
Mr. Rodney Johnson
Mr. Rolf E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Johnson
Mr. Christopher A. Jones
Mr. Herman E. Jones
Ms. Karen L. Jones
Mr. Nick Jones
Mr. Adam Jordan
Ms. Julie Jordan
Ms. Kristen Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Julian
Ms. Marsha Justus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Kahle
Stacy McKay and Family
Ms. Joan Kaplowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Kastan
Ms. Janeen Kastner
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaufman
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Kean
Mr. Chuck Kegler
Mr. Dave Keller
Mr. Fred Keller
Ms. Lori Kelly
Dr. Sara M. and Mr. Brian Kelly
Mr. Troy B. Kemelgor
Mrs. Laura M. Kemp
Mr. Harry Kennedy
Mr. Paul Khoury and Ms. Theresa Fassbender
Mrs. Lisa B. Kidney
Ms. Jill P. King
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. King
Mr. Roger King
Ms. Emily P. Kingsley
Mr. Jerry B. Kingston
Mr. Charles M. Kirby, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Adam E. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Kittaka, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Kline
Ms. Mary M. Klinefelter
Dr. Dino Klisovic and Mrs. Eleonora Sikic-Klisovic
Dr. Donald H. Klotz, Jr.
Mrs. Leann M. Knape
Mr. Duane Knauer
Mr. Nathaniel Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Knilans
Kent and Dia Knudson
Ms. Kristin Koch
Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Kociba
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kocoshis
Mr. Prescott Koebel
Mr. and Mrs. Satish S. Kokrady
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Koller
Ms. Kimberly L. Konigsberg
Mr. Jonathan Koss
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Koval
Mr. Dan Kovalcik
Mr. Wade M. Kozich
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Kozlesky
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Kranchick
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Krehbiel, II
Dr. and Mrs. Senthil G. Krishna
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Krouse
Mr. and Mrs. Everett H. Krueger
Mr. Jim Krueger
Mr. Todd Kubli
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kunk
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Kuss
Chaplain Susan A. Kyser
Mr. and Mrs. William Lacure
Mr. Kenneth Lake
Mr. and Mrs. David H. Lamberjack
Ms. Mary S. Lampel
Mr. James A. Landaker
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Landenberger
Mrs. Orpha Yutzy Lapp
Mr. Nicholas J. LaRocca
Mr. Timothy Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lashley
Dr. and Mrs. James Latshaw
Mrs. Sandee K. Lauer
Mr. Terry L. Laurila
Mr. Jonathon T. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Leary
Ms. Emily Lease
Mrs. Jo Ellen Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Leeman
Mr. Stephen Leggans
Mr. and Mrs. David Leibrock
Ms. Erica Lemus
Ms. Margaret Lenaghan
Ms. Judith A. Lensing
Mr. and Mrs. Millard L. Levan
Mr. Dusty G. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Hudnall J. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Lewis
Ms. Brenda L. Lightcap
Mr. John Lima, Sr. and Dr. Julie Johnson
Mr. Seth M. Lingrell
Mr. Mark D. Lipton
Mr. Xiaonuo Liu
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Livingston
Mrs. Theresa and Mr. Steven Lombardo
Mr. Bevan Londergan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Long
Ms. Cecilia Loper
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Lorenz
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Low
Mr. John Lowe and Ms. Catherine Strauss
Mrs. Ruth L. Lowell
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Lowenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Willard M. Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Loynachan
Ms. Debra Luciano
Ms. Linda R. Lucks
Mr. Christopher L. Luethje
Mr. Benjamin L. Luftman
Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. R. Lukens
Ms. Jill Luttmer
Mr. and Mrs. Neil F. Lynch
Mr. Patrick A. Lynch
Ms. Monica S. Lyon
Mr. Shawn Mabry
Mr. and Mrs. G. Clark MacDonald
Mrs. Tera Madison
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Maher
Mr. Jason Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Mahon
Dr. and Mrs. Praveen Malhotra
Mrs. Denise Malsch
Mr. Americo P. Mariotti
Mr. Rick Mariotti
Ms. Robin Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Mathey
Mr. Martin Mathis
Dr. Joyce E. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Dana J. McBrien
Mr. and Mrs. Sean T. McCarthy
Mr. Thomas McCash
Ms. Terri McCiy
Dr. Patrick I. McConnell
Mr. Archie L. McCormick
Dr. Karen S. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. McCullough
Ms. Marcey McDonald
Mr. Terry McDonald
Dr. and Mrs. Dan R. McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. James D. McFarland
Mr. Brandon S. McGathy
Mr. and Mrs. James W. McGinnis
Ms. Kelly McHarg
Mrs. Megan McKay
Mr. David E. McKee and Mrs. Sandra Puskarcik-McKee
Mrs. Lori McKirnan
Mr. Mike McMaken
Ms. Tracy McMath
Mr. and Mrs. William C. McMenamy, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. McTigue
Mr. Terry McVey
Mr. Adam Meininger
Mr. Pedro Mendez
Dr. Edna M. Menke
Mrs. Monica Merkel
Mr. and Mrs. Rich L. Merkel
Mrs. Colleen Merrill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Mershad
Mr. Gary L. Metz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Michener
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mickley
Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Mikesell
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan R. Miles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miller
Mr. Andrew Miller
Ms. Betty J. Miller
Mrs. Heather L. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kent L. Miller
Mrs. Kathryn E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Milliken
Ms. Anne Minnick
Mrs. Joan A. Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Venkata Miriyala
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Mlicki
Mrs. Barbara M. Montgomary
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Montjoy
Mr. and Mrs. Grant R. Mooi
Ms. Angie Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Moore
Ms. Grace L. Moore
Mr. Richard Moore
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Morlan
Ms. Pamela Morooka
Mr. Michael R. Morosky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Morris
Ms. Gail Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Moses
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Mowrey
Mrs. Yvonne G. Moyer
Ms. Terri Muha
Mr. Bradford P. Muller
Dr. Deborah K. Mulligan
Mrs. Antonia Mulvihill
Mr. Jeffrey J. Murphy
Mr. Bret Murray
Mr. Robert Nagy
Mr. Paul J. Nazzaro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. NeCamp
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nelson
Mr. Thomas Neumeyer
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Newsom, Sr.
Mr. Ivey L. Newton
Dr. Kathleen Nicol and Mr. Michael Metzger
Ms. Shannon M. Niedzwicki
Ms. Lauren M. Noall
Mr. Thomas E. Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Igor M. Noriega
Ms. Viki Norman
Mr. Richard Nourse
Mr. John R. O'Brien
Mr. Brian O'Connor
Ms. Chelle Odom
Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. O'Leary
Mr. Gerald P. Oliphant
Mr. and Mrs. Kristian W. O'Meara
Mrs. Caralee F. O'Meara
Mr. and Mrs. John H. O'Neal
Mr. Tim A. O'Neil
Mr. William Orr
Mr. and Mrs. John Orwick
Mr. Mark E. Osborn
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Ostrowski
Mr. Rolando Pagilagan
Mrs. Kimberly Palmer
Dr. Edward S. Panzeter, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Brij J. Parekh
Ms. Luella M. Parish
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Parker
Ms. Tara Parker
Ms. Sharon Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley E. Partlow
Mr. and Mrs. Suryakant C. Patel
Mr. and Mrs. W. James Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Payne
Mrs. Lynda S. Peel Brown
Mrs. Wilma J. Penird
Mr. John E. Penny
Mr. Matthew Perdulla
Mr. Carlos Perez Valencia
Mr. Mark Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perrini
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Petrella
Ms. Ruthann Pfau
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pfister
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Piazza, Jr.
Mr. Matt C. Piede
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff J. Pieper
Mr. and Mrs. Lionell Pierson
Ms. Joan M. Pigg
Mr. and Mrs. Adam H. Pillar
Mr. and Mrs. Juan C. Placencia
Ms. Stephanie Adair Plant
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Poeppelman
Ms. Ellen Pogos
Mr. Kiran Polasani
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Poling
Mr. Parnell Pollard
Mr. and Mrs. Howard R. Pond, III
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Popelmayer
Mrs. Carol J. Pospichel
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Poulton
Mr. Thomas J. Poulton
Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Powell
Mr. James Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Pratt
Ms. E. Annie Pribisko
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Price
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Prichard
Ms. Susie E. Prickett
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Principe
Mr. Brad Prinz
Ms. Christine C. Pritchard
Mr. John Puckropp
Mr. Don Pursglove
Ms. Callie S. Query
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Rakowsky
Mr. Ben Randolph
Mr. Phillip Rasey
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Rath, Sr.
Mr. Thomas O. Rau
Mr. Brandon M. Recker
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Reed
Mr. John P. Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Reed
Mr. Doug Reedy
Mr. Donald N. Rees
Mr. Jason Regan
Michael and Mary Regula
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Reifschneider
Mrs. Ellen R. Reik
Ms. Sarah B. Reinhart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Remiker
Miss Belinda Revere
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Rezkalla
Mr. James Rhadigan
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Riat
Mr. Jerry A. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Jason J. Richards
Mr. Oscar E. Ridenour
Mr. and Mrs. John Rieger
Mrs. Anita M. Riley
Dr. Mark H. Rinkov
Dr. Randell Scott and Mrs. Michelle Roark
Ms. Miranda R. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Roberts
Ms. Carrie L. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Roby
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Roddy
Ms. Brenda Roediger
Mr. George Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Roggenkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Tremaine Roland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Roll
Ms. Amy Romey
Dr. Melissa June Rose and Mr. John Shimko
Drs. Tanya A. Rosen and Kerry L. Rosen
Ms. Melissa Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Z. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Rothstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Rowland
Mrs. Ann L. Royer
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley E. Rozen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ruberg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Rudibaugh, Sr.
Mr. Jeffrey Ruff
Mr. Riccardo Ruotolo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Steve W. Rust
Ms. Christina Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ryan, Jr.
Ms. Terise Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Saad
Mr. Avijeet Sahoo
Mr. Greg Sakai
Drs. Julie B. Samora and Walter P. Samora, III
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Samuelson
Dr. Pablo J. Sanchez
Mr. John L. Sanders
Mr. Ramon T. Sanders
Mrs. Dayna Sokol Sandsten
Ms. Michaela Sapp
Mr. Sam Saraniti
Mr. and Mrs. Brock Saulters
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Savage
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy L. Sawatzky
Mrs. Gia Schaffer
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip U. Schalk
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Schindler
Ms. Lynn Schlaegel
Mr. and Mrs. Blane R. Schlagenhaft
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Schlenker
Ms. Haylie Schmoll
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Schneider
Ms. Amy L. Schoonover
Mr. Charles H. Schottenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Schrank
Mr. and Mrs. John Schriver
Mr. Benjamin S. Schroer
Dr. and Mrs. Eric R. Schumacher
Mr. Donald Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy B. Seck
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Seils
Mr. William A. Sellke
Ms. Heather A. Selover
Ms. Susan Shabsels
Dr. Vanessa Shanks and Mr. Scott Shanks
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Shaw
Ms. Laura Shayne
Mrs. Jennifer L. Shea
Ms. Julie Sheehan
Dr. Mara and Mr. Michael Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Shepard
Mrs. Linda Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua R. Shoemaker
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Simon
Mr. Erik Sims
Ms. Kaylie Sisler
Ms. Courtney Skinner
Ms. Laura Sladoje
Mr. and Mrs. Todd W. Sloan
Mr. Stephen Smeltzer
Mrs. April Smith
Ms. Judith A. Smith
Mr. Mickey Smith
Ms. Nancy J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Smith
Mr. Roger D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Smith
Mr. Lewis R. Smoot, Jr.
Ms. Ruth M. Snider
Ms. Kellie Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Adewale A. Sobande
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Sobotka
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Soll
Mrs. Janet L. Sollars
Dr. and Mrs. Victor E. Sower
Dr. and Mrs. Randall M. Speer
Ms. Lynne Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Spencer
Mrs. Pamela L. Spitzer
Mr. and Mrs. Marty B. Staats
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Staiger
Ms. Sara L. Staley
Mrs. Marie A. Stapp
Ms. Laurie Starner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Stedman
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Stefanski
Mrs. Ashley Steinhauer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Stephan
Dr. Bruce Stevenson
Mr. Jeffrey Stewart
Ms. Rebecca Stilson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Stinson
Mr. Anthony Stipanov
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Stoessel
Mr. Brad Storts
Dr. and Mrs. Norman C. Straker
Mr. Anthony M. Stranges
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew David Stranges
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Straub
Ms. Rose Marie Strecker and Mr. Robert Palmer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Strider
Ms. Katherine M. Strohm
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Stuecher
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Sturges
Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Sullivan
Mr. Ben Swartz
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sylvester
Ms. Alison Szymanski
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Taxier
Mr. Carol L. Taylor
Mr. Eric N. Taylor
Mrs. Kathy A. Taylor
Ms. Victoria S. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Terlecki
Mr. Justin Terman
Mr. Yohannan L. Terrell
Dr. Rodney T. Tettenhorst
Ms. Carol L. Tharp
Mr. Dayne A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Luke A. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Thomas
Ms. Amy Thompson
Mr. Jason Thompson
Mr. Robert W. Thompson
Ms. Kimberly Thomson
Ms. Keri Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Thornhill
Mr. Eric Thu
Mr. John Tierney
Mr. Brian Tilton
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tinkler
Mr. Douglas Todora
Ms. Lori Tose
Mr. and Mrs. Thom Tripp
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Troutman
Ms. Shelby Trowbridge
Mrs. Rachael M. Tullius
Ms. Nancy Turner
Dennis and Patricia Tuttle
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Tuttle
Ms. Lori M. Tyack
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Ulstad
Mr. David V. Unverferth
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Unverferth
Mr. Jeffrey Unverferth
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Unverferth
Ms. Kathy L. Unverferth
Mr. R. Steven Unverferth
Ms. Rachelle M. Unverferth
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Urwin
Mr. Larry Vanscoy
Mr. Edward Vince
Mr. Gilford Vincent, Sr. and Ms. Yeshiareg Kifle
Ms. Jennifer Voit
Mr. Thaddeus Voitek
Mr. Christopher Volpe
Ms. Rekha Voruganti
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wallen
Mr. Jeffrey A. Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Warner, Jr.
Ms. Brittany Washburn
Mr. Jeffrey A. Waugh
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Weber
Mrs. Beth A. Weddel
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Weiler
Mrs. Christina M. Weinandy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Weiner
Dr. and Mrs. Steven E. Weisbrode
Mr. Andrew C. Welles
Mr. and Mrs. Harold W. Wesley
Ms. Shawana Wesley
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Westerheide
Ms. Amy Whalen
Ms. Deb Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Whitaker
Mr. Ryan Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck White
Mr. and Dr. Aaron S. Whittaker
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wienke
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Williams
Ms. Elizabeth Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Williams
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Evan A. Williams
Ms. Donna Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wilson
Mr. John Wilson
Ms. June Wilson
Mrs. Linda A. Wilson
Ms. Lyndsey N. Wilson
Mr. Tom Wilson
Ms. Kathleen Windham
Ms. Sally Wisbang
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Witten
Mr. Mark Wittry
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Wolfe
Mr. Tory Wolff
Ms. Alexandra M. Wolfhope
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Wolowiec
Mr. C. Craig Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Woods
Ms. Teresa Woods
Dr. Sharon K. and Mr. Richard A. Wrona
Mr. Kevin J. Wynk
Ms. Jannette Wysong
Ms. Victoria Yanovich
Mr. Daniel B. Yaross
Ms. Susan Yeager
Mr. Paul A. Young
Ms. Heather A. Younkin
Mr. Jason A. Youse
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Zachrich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Zanetos
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Zanon
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Zebula
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Ziliak
Ms. Mary Pat Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Barry P. Zwick