COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling


Nationwide Children’s is part of Ohio’s COVID-19 vaccination program and offers vaccination for our patients, families and the general public.

The vaccine clinic is located on our main campus and is offered for anyone 6 months of age and older and eligible for all stages of the COVID-19 vaccine (first, second and third doses and boosters, as defined by Ohio Department of Health guidelines).

We are currently administering the Moderna vaccine for children under 5 years old, and Pfizer vaccine for children 5 years and older. Pfizer vaccination is available upon request for children under 5 years. Staff in the clinic are available to discuss the differences between vaccines with families.

For Bivalent Booster Appointments (ages 5+): Supplies of Moderna and/or Pfizer may be limited. While we can ensure a bivalent booster will be available, we cannot guarantee that there will be an option to select between Moderna/Pfizer during your scheduled appointment time. There are no medical concerns with switching between the two options, so if you have received Moderna vaccines, it is safe to receive a Pfizer bivalent Booster and vice versa.

Only COVID-19 vaccinations will be administered during these clinic times. If you are seeking other vaccinations, such as the flu vaccine, please contact your primary care physician.

You can begin the scheduling process below.