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Child wearing a mask having his temperature taken

COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease: What Parents Need to Know

Within a few weeks, clusters of sick kids with, what is being called, "Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome," started to appear in New York City and several other states. Some of these cases resembled a rare inflammatory illness called Kawasaki Disease.

Stepfather and stepdaughter doing arts and crafts

6 Tips to Be a Supportive Stepparent

Taking two families and making them one is no doubt a challenging task. Using these tools below can help you and your family navigate the transition and help you be the best stepparent you can be.

Single Parenting and COVID-19

Single-Parenting and COVID-19: Best Practices to Keep Your Family Safe

Covid-19 and social distancing has brought a lot of change and establishing a “new normal” can be challenging for all of us. Several single parents and caregivers shared their unique challenges and ways they have successfully navigated them. These are some of their tips.

Mom and teenage daughter

What to Do If Your High School Senior Is Struggling Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many students are struggling emotionally during this time of uncertainty. If you have a high school senior in your life you are likely confused about where to start to help and support them. Here are some feelings and thoughts many high school seniors might experience.

Family of three meditating on the couch

Stress Management for Parents: Tips for Getting Through Tough Times

With many aspects of life being turned upside down and day-to-day routines falling by the wayside, it’s more important than ever to take extra care of our mental health. How is that possible at a time like this? Creativity is the answer.

Child in high chair while mom does dishes

Adjusting to Life at Home: Keeping Kids Safe From Burns

Parents and families continue to adjust to new routines caused by COVID-19 as stay at home orders remain in place for our community. The increase in the amount of time spent in the home setting makes home safety even more important for children and their families.

Family of three running outside

The Benefits of Exercise in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

There are many ways kids can continue to exercise safely during the current pandemic while sports have been cancelled and there are limitations on groups of people. Here are a few ideas for you do along with your child.

Mother and daughter using a white board

Reasonable Expectations for Parents and Children During a Pandemic

In this time, we need to take a step back, acknowledge the impact of the stressful times and have reasonable expectations for our children and ourselves.

Mom vacuuming while her two kids play with their toys on the floor

8 Tips for Managing Routines in Uncertain Times

In a time when life feels out of control, routines can give us all a sense of stability and comfort and an opportunity for our families to thrive. If you are struggling with your current routine or want to look at putting some in place here are a few ideas.

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Mask Safety 101: Why You Shouldn’t Mask a Baby

As the coronavirus pandemic evolves, so do the recommendations. One of the most recent recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is to wear “cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.”

Child doing schoolwork at laptop

Distance Learning: Best Practices to Support Your Student

Since schools have been closed due to COVID-19, many parents have had to become more hands-on in their children’s daily learning than ever before. Supporting their students at home has been just as much of a learning process for these parents as it is for kids.

Medical professional conducting an exam via computer

Telehealth: Providing Best Outcomes for Children During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live our daily lives, one thing remains true – Nationwide Children’s Hospital is adapting and innovating so you/your child receives uninterrupted care. We’re doing this through telehealth visits.

Caregiver and child cooking in the kitchen

COVID-19: How to Keep Kids Busy and Connected

In these uncertain times, parents have the added stress of keeping their children busy and connected with friends and family, all while staying home to slow the spread of coronavirus. We did some crowdsourcing to get some great ideas for younger and older kids.

Child sitting on dad's lap looking at tablet

Things to Do If Your Child Has a Sibling in the Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For children who have a brother or sister admitted this could raise questions: Is my sibling okay? When will they come home? Why can’t I visit them? What happens at the hospital? Will I get sick?

Mother comforting sad daughter on couch

COVID-19: How to Help Kids Deal With School Closings and Cancelled Plans

Schools around the country are being closed to try to slow down the spreading of COVID-19. At first, this may sound exciting, but these closings present us with lots of challenges. Here are a few tips to handle the next few weeks.

Mother sitting in chair, talking to her daughter while holding her hands

How to Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19

Kids pay attention to the news when hot topics dominate it, and they are often curious enough to ask questions. If your children want answers about COVID-19, we suggest a multi-layered approach.

Woman wearing a face mask

What Parents Need to Know About Coronavirus

COVID-19, caused by a novel coronavirus, is a global pandemic. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about COVID-19.