STINKY University Live Group Classes

Yuckonomics 101: Circulation Investigation focuses on circulation, the blood, scabs, pus, and sweat!

This active class includes an oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange race, a finding-your-heart rate exercise, and the big, crazy Scab Wall Scrimmage. Kids learn about the components of blood and what they do for a living. Professor Poof-a-Lot explains the circulatory system. We learn about skin and pus from our "Nasty Nibbles" chef, peek in on the soap, The Young and the Zitless, and volunteers demonstrate how sweat cools, plus concoct some “Hollywood Pus” and brew a bag of “Candy Blood.” Ewww!

Yuckonomics 202: Digestion Dissection focuses on digestion, poop, farts, burps, bacteria, and (now) boogers!

This class features all kinds of sounds that come from the body, from sneezing to tooting and everything in between. Professor Poof-a-Lot takes us on a tour of the digestive system both with a model and with video footage of real GI (gastro-intestinal) scopes. Chef Boy-R-Doo-Doo helps us make his recipe for “Perfect Poop Every Time” and we learn why fiber is our friend. Volunteers will also make some beautiful “Bogus Boogers” and we all get to act out a giant sneeze. Gesundheit!

Ready to hold STINKY University with your group? NOTE: Be aware that classes may be cancelled or suspended due to infection control alerts in the hospital or due to inclement weather.

Email the Program Coordinator at or call (614) 355-0678 for more information, or to register for a program.