STINKY University

Do you love learning about the not-so-polite science of the human body? Do you (kids, that is!) think burping is hilarious? Would you get a kick out of cooking up some slime? If you think a little bit of gross is a whole lot of fun, you will enjoy STINKY University – that’s right, S.T.I.N.K.Y. U. = Sessions That Impart Noxious Knowledge You’ll Use!

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STINKY University is geared to 6-12 year olds, though some mature 4-5 year-olds and some older kids (13-14) enjoy them as well. As long as bodily functions are amusing and interesting to them, they are the right age! Of course, fun-loving grown-ups get a kick out of them too – and often learn something themselves!

Live group classes: “Yuckonomics” 101 and 102

We host two live classes, taught here at Nationwide Children’s Hospital which feature some of the all-time favorite, but not-so-portable stuff that made GrossologyLIVE! (formerly offered here) so gag-o-nomically great!

“Yuck 101” and “Yuck 202” each last about an hour and cost just $3 per person. Classes are by appointment and reservations are important. A minimum of 10 people is required to hold a class. There is a 90 person maximum.

Click here for more details about each class or to find out how to contact the Program Coordinator for more details about booking a “Yuckonomics” class with your group.

Do-It-Yourself Courses and Resources

For science and health classes, scout troops, or just plain fun at home, become an Instructor of Ickiness by using the PowerPoints, video clips, activities, and recipes! Teacher Guides include everything you need for Do-It-Yourself gross science! Click here for everything…. it’s free. Have fun, Graduates of Grossness!

Thank you for your interest in STINKY University!

More Information

Feel free to contact the Program Coordinator at or (614) 355-0679 if you need help or have questions about these resources.