STINKY University DIY Sessions

STINKY University is also known as S.T.I.N.K.Y. U.! – that is, Sessions That Impart Noxious Knowledge You’ll Use!

Below you will find video clips*, gross recipes, and PowerPoint slides that will help YOU become an Instructor of Ickiness! Kids will become Graduates of Grossness! (Note that Session #2 contains an integrated slide-and-video-clip model.) Lesson Plans include supplies needed for hands-on activities.

STINKY University is geared to 6-12 year olds, though some mature 4-5 year-olds and some older kids (13-14) enjoy them as well. Do your kids think burping is hilarious? As long as bodily functions are amusing and interesting to them, they are probably the right age! Of course, fun-loving grown-ups get a kick out of them too – and often learn something themselves!

*We are working to make each of the links below live to individual videos. While this page is being updated, please click here to watch to the YouTube video clips that correspond to the Sessions below.

Session#1 Teacher Guide and Session#1 PowerPoint: unlock the mysteries of mucous, the perplexity of pus, and the substance of snot.

Video Clips (times in minutes :seconds)
1 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Bush on How Much Spit in a Day 0:21
2 Spit (Answer) 0:15
3 Fun Factoid: Smith on Eye Gunk
4 Kids say BOOGERS
5 Nose Scope (no audio)
6 Fun Factoid: Powers (not fashionable to bathe) 0:24
7 Nasty Nibbles (Ivana Poppa Zit) Skin & PUS
8 The Young and the Zitless 2:59


Session #2 Lesson Plan and Session #2 PowerPoint : find fascination with the facts of flatulation, the eureka’s of urine, the essentials of eructation (burping) and the details of doo-doo. (Integrated with video clips.)

Video Clips (times in minutes :seconds)
1 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Bush on How Much Spit in a Day 0:20
2 Quart (Answer) 0:15
3 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Smith on Peristaltic Rush 0:21
4 Pooping (Answer) 0:12
5 Celebrity Gross Confession: Powers I poop 1-2X a day 0:32
6 Kids say POOP! 0:39
7 Professor Poof-a-Lot Digestion w/ Mannequin 2:53
8 Professor Poof-a-Lot scope of upper GI 3:57
9 Professor Poof-a-Lot scope of lower GI 5:35
10 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Monroe on Green Throw-up 0:26
11 Bile (Answer) 0:15
12 Perfect Poor RECIPE w/ Chef Boy R Doo Doo 9:30
13 Fun Factoid: Terminator on # of Critters 0:22
14 Molly Mucous on Burps 1:16
15 Molly Mucous on Passing Gas 1:23
16 Sikcy Quicky Quiz: Powers on Diarrhea  0:25
17 Viruses (Answer) 0:11
18 Fun Factoid: Belushi Fart 14X day 0:17
19 Kids say FART! 0:39
20 Public Service Announcement: Fiber 2:25


Session #3 Teacher Guide and Session #3 PowerPoint: explore the exchange of oxygen, the secrets of scabs, and the basics of brewing blood.

Video Clips (times in minutes :seconds)
1 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Stack of Red Blood Cells 0:29
2 31,000 miles (Answer) 0:08
3 Professor Poof-a-Lot Circulatory System 2:49
4 Kids say SCAB 0:36
5 Fun Factoid: Octopi Blood 0:26
6 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Frankenstein Red Blood Cells Lifespan 0:27
7 4 Months (Answer) 0:09
8 Fun Factoid: Frankenstein Blood Test 0:27
9 Recipe CANDY BLOOD The Count  1:33 


Session #4 Teacher Guide and Session #4 PowerPoint: reveal the vistas of vermin on your skin, the bacteria in your body, and the critters that crawl on your cranium.

Video Clips (times in minutes :seconds)
1 Scratchy Scalp Salon (Heddah Lice) 1:76
2 Sicky Quicky Quiz: Animal Kingdom 0:28
3 Protista (Answer) 0:12
4 Public Service Announcement: Howard Tosis 0:54
5 Celebrity Gross Confession: Bush on Mouth Bacteria 0:31
6 Celebrity Gross Confession: Terminator on Plaque/Brush 0:37
7 Fun Factoid: Monroe on Bromadrosis/Foot Odor 0:21
8 Celebrity Gross Confession: Kermit on Wart Myth 0:51
9 Sicky Quicky Professor: Cause of Pinkeye 0:27
10 Bacteria & Viruses (Answer) 0:12
11 Public Service Announcement: Under the Skin 1:23
12 Public Service Announcement: Howie Suckem Dry 0:69
13 Marty Farty TapeWorm Safari  1:8
14 Celebrity Gross Confession: Taylor on Dandruff  0:35


Scratchy Scalp Salon (Heddah Lice)
Scratchy Scalp Salon (Heddah Lice)

Session #5 Teacher Guide and Session #5 PowerPoint: insightfully inspects the ins & outs of odor, the adventure of vision, the tricks of touch, the heroics of hearing and the amazing anatomy of your auricle, plus some tantalizing tidbits about taste.

Video Clips (times in minutes :seconds)
1 Professor Poof-a-Lot Ear Canal 1:13
2 Nose Scope Video (no audio) 1:38
3 "The Talk" Body Odor 0:58
4 Celebrity Gross Confession: Monroe on Stinky Armpits 0:28


More Information

Feel free to contact the Program Coordinator at or (614) 355-0679 if you need help or have questions about these resources.

Teaching TEENS? The One Pair of Eyes program offers a FREE vision health and safety curriculum from the Ohio Department of Health Bureau of Child and Family Health Services Save Our Sight Program, supported by Prevent Blindness Ohio and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Some of the creators of STINKY University helped to create these interactive lesson plans which are aligned with State of Ohio Science, Technology, PhysEd, and National Health Education Standards.