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Posted by: Seth Alpert, MD on Nov 19, 2018

Testicles are formed in the abdomen prior to birth and descend through the groin and into the scrotum during the course of the mother’s pregnancy. An undescended testicle is one that fails to descend into the scrotum prior to birth.

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Jan 28, 2016

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Jul 21, 2014

Is your child urgently running to the bathroom and having urinary accidents? Is your child experiencing urinary tract infections (UTIs) or pain with urination? Urinary problems and UTIs occur in many children and can affect family, social and school life. Read More

Raising a Child with Ambiguous Genitalia

Mar 31, 2014

When my wife was pregnant with our three children, we chose not to know the sex prior to birth because we wanted it to be a surprise. It was one of the greatest joys in my life when I announced to the world that my son and daughters were born. Read More

Promising New Treatment for Incontinence

Jan 13, 2014

As a pediatric urologist, I am often asked to see and treat children with various forms of urinary incontinence. This means a child doesn’t have control over his or her bladder, resulting in a daytime accident two or more times per month. Read More

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Nov 18, 2013

Many parents may not know that babies can get infections in their urinary tract. In fact, childhood urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for more than 1 million pediatrician visits each year in the US. Read More

The Bedwetting Blues

Nov 03, 2013

Waking up wet in the morning is a common problem for many children. In addition to being confusing and embarrassing for children, bedwetting can be a frustrating experience for parents and caregivers. Read More