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How to Prepare Your Teen for Their First Birth Control Visit

Dec 14, 2021
doctor consulting with their teenage patient.

Have you and your teen discussed sex? Maybe you know that your teen is sexually active, and you’re looking for ways to help protect them. Or maybe your teen isn’t sexually active and is looking for birth control to help with medical reasons. Nationwide Children’s Hospital offers a variety of safe and effective birth control methods for adolescents and young adults up to age 25.

Becoming familiar with what you and your teen can expect if they come to a birth control visit can make everyone feel more prepared.

Your teen should plan to spend between 60-90 minutes with us during the first visit. During that time, we will discuss the following:

  • Medical history. We will ask about their periods, any previous pregnancies and current or past sexually transmitted infections, as well as other OB/GYN history.
  • The first day of their last period.
  • Any birth control methods they have tried in the past. We want to hear about all of it!
  • Bring a list of current medicines, vitamins and supplements they are using. This will help us learn about your child and helps select the best birth control method for them.
  • We will also ask them for a urine sample. We must make sure they are not pregnant before starting birth control.

Your teen’s privacy is the very important to us. A parent or guardian is required to attend the first visit; however, the sensitive questions and topics that we will be discussing will all be done in a confidential and private setting. The patient is free to ask any questions they may have.

After we get to know the patient, we will discuss the different methods of birth control. We call this contraceptive counseling. We will share the inside scoop on a wide variety of birth control options, including the implant, IUDs, shot, pills, patch, ring, and emergency contraception.

Once your child receives all the right information and their questions are answered, it is up to them to select the method that they feel best suits their lifestyle. The counselor will discuss their chosen method with the doctor or nurse. When possible, they can even get same day procedures for implants and IUDs. Please know that none of the birth control methods offered affect long-term fertility.

What will NOT happen at a birth control visit:

  • Your teen will not be forced to talk about sensitive issues that they don’t want to discuss.
  • Pelvic exams are not mandatory and are only recommended if medically necessary. If an exam is offered, your child may choose to decline.
  • Your provider will not encourage risky behaviors.

Ready to schedule a visit? The Young Women’s Contraceptive Services Program (BC4Teens) specializes in birth control for adolescents and young adults up to age 25. The providers are knowledgeable and remain up to date on the latest available methods for teens.

BC4Teens at Nationwide Children's Hospital
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